Ambulance Stranded In Blizzard, NYC Crowd Swings By & Shows TRUE Colors

As a result of the recent blizzard, many people on the East Coast are getting stranded in unfortunate places. Despite the weather conditions, many people were still expected to show up to work during the storm. So when one ambulance crew in New York City was unlucky enough to get stuck in the snow, a large crowd approached and showed their true colors.

As the snow began to pile up, the Central Park Medical Unit managed to get their ambulance stuck and accepted that they would be stranded for quite some time. However, things took an unexpected turn when a few New Yorkers spotted them and came over.

What the crowd did next was captured in a photo that has begun to circulate the Internet after capturing the true nature of New York City residents. As it turns out, several people willingly stepped in to help push the stranded ambulance out of their unlucky predicament. In a matter of hours, the photo has already garnered more than 28,000 likes on the Pix 11 Facebook page.

These are the REAL New York Values. At the height of the blizzard, these New Yorkers spotted a stranded ambulance near Central Park — and jumped in to help. #nyvalues PHOTO: Mike Ricci

Posted by PIX 11 on Saturday, January 23, 2016

Many comments on the inspirational picture show what it means to be a real New Yorker. Facebook user Anne Reid recognized the hard-working crew by saying, “How about the ambulance crew? They’re all volunteers! They CHOSE to come out in a blizzard to work for FREE…because their city needs them. Stay safe, brothers & sisters!”

Another user, Evelyn Ortiz, wrote, “Days like today is when we see the heart of New York! I applaud all those who have spent the day working outside and helping others! God bless you all!”

Remarkably, the Central Park Medical Unit’s ambulance wasn’t the only emergency vehicle that needed the assistance of New York residents. It was also reported that a few other ambulances and police cars were pushed by generous residents before plows were able to come by and dig them out.

In a world obsessed with selfishness, it’s refreshing to see people working together to help someone in need. Although it is unclear whether there was a patient inside, one thing is for certain – the crew was able to continue with their shift all because a few people stepped up and showed their true colors.