AMC Threatens To Pull ‘The Walking Dead’ From GA Over Abortion Law, Regrets It

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The TV network behind the mega-hit zombie series “The Walking Dead” is threatening to pull the production out of the state of Georgia over abortion laws recently passed. AMC has filmed their hit series for over a decade in the Peach state, but now they find the pressure from the Trump-hating Hollywood crowd is too much. Well, immediately their fans made them regret it. Don’t miss this.

The Walking Dead cast members (Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/AMC)

The Walking Dead, the long-running, award-winning hit series is an economic powerhouse and brings streams of tourists to the Georgia towns where it has been filmed.

A statement from AMC Networks calls the abortion legislation “highly restrictive” and says it will be closely watching what’s likely to be “a long and complicated fight” over the law.

“If this highly restrictive legislation goes into effect, we will reevaluate our activity in Georgia,” the network said in a statement to CBS News. “Similar bills — some even more restrictive — have passed in multiple states and have been challenged. This is likely to be a long and complicated fight and we are watching it all very closely.”

Georgia’s Living Infants Fairness and Equality (LIFE) Act prohibits abortions once a fetal heartbeat is detected, which is usually around six weeks. The law is set to take effect on January 1, 2020, but the ACLU and other organizations are mounting a legal fight to have the law blocked by a judge.

AMC is joining Disney, Netflix, WarnerMedia — the parent company of CNN, HBO, and TNT — among other Hollywood actors, producers, and directors who’ve threatened to pull film projects and production out of Georgia over the new abortion law.

The statement from WarnerMedia on May 30th, which is owned by AT&T, came just a day after Disney CEO Bob Iger said it would be “very difficult” for the mega-corporation to do business in Georgia if the state’s abortion law stands.

“I don’t see how it’s practical for us to continue to shoot there,” said Bob Iger when asked in an interview with Reuters if Disney has plans “to keep producing” in Georgia.

To date, no major studio has actually pulled production from the state, which has become known as the “Hollywood of the South” due to its tax incentives for filming. And we all know the bottom line for filming in Georgia is money. California long ago became too expensive, and it’s not an accident that these Hollywood productions film in a red state. It’s just better business.

Well, immediately The Walking Dead was hit with major backlash from Americans who are sick and tired of the Hollywood crowd dipping their toes into politics.

“I’m sick and tired of Hollywood thinking they are better than everyone else and what they stand for matters. Georgia can bring so many businesses to the state that would actually benefit its ppl instead of a show. It’s time ppl stand up to these moron celebrities,” tweeted Shawn Martin.

“If they do I will stop watching it. It is as simple as that. We can protest too,” tweeted Cal Lord.

“Is that supposed to be a BIG DISAPPOINTMENT? LOL hate to break it to them but AMC is the Walking Dead to me! Who do they think they are? Pack it up go back to LA. California is losing a lot of their Citizens due to the DEMS ruining the State so there should be plenty of room,” tweeted Twitter user “VS.”

 The Walking Dead has watched as their fan base dwindled in the last few seasons. Now, those super fans who are still tuning in to the show are angry at this political stunt. Who can blame them? The only value good TV shows and films have to the public at large is to take us away from the endless 24/7 news cycle. We tune in to escape for a few hours the intense times in which we live.

Knowing the show is now getting all political behind the scenes sours the experience. It will cost AMC and The Walking Dead whatever goodwill they had left with their fan base if they make this highly controversial move. Sadly, this is the new norm from the Hollywood leftists who used to just do their job and entertain us.

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