American Films Himself Leaving Islam, Patriotic Way He ‘Celebrates’ Infuriates Muslims

US Ex-Muslim Films Himself Leaving Islam, Patriotic Way He 'Celebrates' Has Muslims Outraged
After leaving Islam, an American ex-Muslim decided to commemorate his apostasy in the most patriotic way he could devise. (Photo source: YouTube)

After growing up as a Muslim, an America-loving patriot decided to record himself officially leaving the religion of Islam and upload it to social media. However, simply announcing his abandonment of the religion just didn’t seem epic enough, so the ex-Muslim “celebrated” in a simple way that has Muslims absolutely outraged.

Under Sharia law, leaving the oppressive religion of Islam a serious offense punished with the death penalty. Like homosexuality, adultery, and blasphemy, apostasy was considered by the Islamic prophet Muhammad to be warranting of execution, as he regularly ordered the brutal deaths of those who converted. Although the majority of Muslims worldwide statistically desire to live under and enforce Sharia law in every country on earth, the U.S. defies their religious demands.

Understanding the intrinsic subjugation in Islam and just how exceptional our liberties are, an ex-Muslim apostate decided to commemorate his riddance of and liberation from the oppressive, compulsive religion in one of the most patriotic ways imaginable.

The new infidel, whose identity remains withheld for security purposes, first gives context for his video before kicking off the celebration. “I had a comment that said, ‘You should be sent back to Pakistan and they should deal with you there,’ but I am an American-born citizen and I am proud of that,” he says. He then adds that there was another commenter who accused, “I don’t think Islam left you. I think you still got a little bit of Muslim in you.” It was this simple remark that prompted him to “prove the haters wrong” in the most un-Islamic way he could muster.

First, the infidel cracks open a tall can of beer, “baptizing” himself in a splash of the cold brew before guzzling some for himself. Next, he enjoys cuts of pork, including bacon, a hot dog, a Slim Jim, ham, pork rinds, and pepperoni pizza seemingly for the first time.

“Am I deprogrammed yet? You decide,” he jests, mocking those who harbor the ignorant notion “once a Muslim, always a Muslim.” He concludes his “ex-Muslim baptism” by wishing everyone a happy Independence Day and reminding us to “be proud of your country.”

The comical infidel explains that he often envied his non-Muslim peers for being allowed to divulge in all the haram food products that are strictly prohibited by Islam. He specifically remembers that as a kid, he would crave pepperoni pizza, which would be considered a grave sin to even touch.

While leftists might claim that this man’s “coming out” as a non-Muslim is purely a provocation to the Muslim community, the fact that Muslims are so easily outraged by individual choice is evidence of their religious beliefs. Islam forbids Muslims from ever leaving, commanding death just to ensure that its ranks continue to grow. Muhammad understood that Islam was too easily disproven to allow anyone to question or criticize it, so he delivered Allah’s message that “whoever leaves Islam, kill them.”

Of course, some stubborn commenters continue to accuse the man of pretending to leave Islam, as if no adherent could ever see the fallacies in the legalistic ideology and convert. Ironically, this is the same notion that many devout Muslims have, which ultimately defines the death penalty for apostasy. It is the standard belief in the Muslim world that if one is born into a Muslim family, they are considered Muslim regardless of their beliefs.

This ex-Muslim is a voice to the millions of Muslims living in over 50 Sharia countries who wish they could leave Islam but fear persecution from the Islamic community, murder, imprisonment, exile, or honor killing from their own family. Despite his lighthearted depiction of patriotism, he is the epitomic informant not only of Islam’s violent and oppressive nature but also of the remarkable freedoms our nation boasts.

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