‘American Sniper’ Widow Shares Pic Of Chris Kyle, Viewers Quickly Notice What He’s Holding

On the 16th anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks, the wife of American Sniper Chris Kyle took to social media to reveal a vivid memory of what she and her husband were doing when they received the shocking news that the Twin Towers were in flames. Along with the post, Taya Kyle shared a new photo of her late husband on Facebook, and viewers immediately noticed what he was holding.

Taya Kyle (left), Chris Kyle (right) (Photo Credit: Chris and Taya Kyle/Facebook)

“I remember where I was,” Taya began in the post on Facebook. “My mom called with a pleading intensity in her voice telling me to turn on the news. We did. Chris and I were in Long Beach, CA where I lived. As we watched in horror, time seemed to stop. Then it jolted back,” Taya wrote.

“Chris was a SEAL, a new guy, and hours away from his base in San Diego,” Taya continued. “He hadn’t realized his phone was off. When he turned it on, there were multiple messages telling him to get to base NOW. He sped down the freeway, got pulled over explaining he was trying to get back to base. The officer told him to ‘Go get some f’in payback’ and gave him a police escort to the county line in an effort to keep him fast and safe,” she added.

“The war kicked off not long after. Chris wore this FDNY hat overseas remembering 9/11 and the bravery of our first responders, the bravery of our citizens and the fight that was brought to us,” Taya went on. “Chris and the hat wore parts of the Middle East home. The dirt is Iraqi dirt. The FDNY letters carry the spirit of those who were hit, the first responders who rushed in rather than rushing out and the tragedy of lives lost and forever changed.”

Chris Kyle holds his infant son. (Photo Credit: Chris and Taya Kyle/Facebook)

“The mustache was one of brotherhood – the members of Charlie Platoon grew these mustaches as they deployed yet again. Chris, and his platoon, left less than 10 days after the birth of our first child, our son,” Taya explained. “There is so much more to so many stories brutally changed and miraculously lifted through unspeakable pain. Part of their lives are still reverberating from the evils of 9/11. This story, this moment, is a minuscule part of a complex puzzle still coming together through our country,” she recalled with the picture of Chris and their infant son.

“Chris wore the hat like the heart on his sleeve,” Taya wrote. “Unapologetic in who he stood with and what he stood for. Love of family and country are palpable even in a photo, but maybe that’s because I know the heart behind it all. A Godly, good heart, always in the fight for someone else,” she continued.

“I also see in his eyes the serenity of what is with the knowledge of what was and the uncertainty of what might be,” she added. “I sit noticing this picture is what life is to me – holding those we love knowing evil exists, pain exists, knowing we have survived much with a knowledge we will likely need to survive much more. When I do this accessing my serenity in the knowledge of what I do have in the moment as I hold on to those I love…that is where the peace is,” Taya wrote.

“To all who died, all who survived, all who fought and all who had a part in picking up the pieces – I remember you. To all who still suffer and still hurt in the aftermath – I have not forgotten you carry pain. I am praying for healing in places you haven’t been able to reach yet. I am praying for your serenity in what is with the hope you are holding on to someone you love tonight. God Bless America and all who love her,” she concluded.

Chris Kyle was killed in 2013 by a soldier with PTSD whom he was trying to help. As his widow noted, he was always fighting for someone else. Ultimately, he laid down his life in service to others. His memory will never be forgotten, just as the memory of those who perished in the September 11th terrorist attacks will live on forever.

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