Trump-Hater Amy Schumer Apologizes For Being White, Doesn’t Go As Planned

Trump-hater Amy Schumer recently appeared on “The View” to apologize for being white. However, things didn’t quite go as the liberal actress had hoped. Instead, she got what she truly deserved.

President Donald Trump (left), Amy Schumer (right) (Photo Credits: Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images, YouTube/The View)

According to Daily Caller, Amy Schumer stopped in to visit her liberal buddies on ABC’s “The View.” The awkward interview which aired on Friday, April 20, 2018, had viewers wondering if Schumer is really sorry for being white or is just trying to appeal to a liberal audience for more ticket sales at the box office. Either way, you don’t want to miss the clip of Schumer dreaming of the days when an actress of color can take her place.

After Schumer feigned modesty as she talked about herself for a few minutes, Sunny Hostin addressed Schumer, saying, “You got this weird backlash because and the backlash was, people were saying, well your character is a blond of healthy weight who’s attractive and you’re supposed to make us believe that you’re ugly.” Hostin then asked, “How do you respond to that?”

“First of all, that’s the nicest backlash I’ve ever heard,” Schumer replied. This is where Schumer could have kept it simple, but instead, she had to drag out her white shame to rack up points with the liberal world.

“No, it just made me excited for people to see the movie. Because it’s not about an ugly, vile troll getting beautiful, it’s about a girl who really struggles with self-esteem, which is something we can all relate to, so it just made me excited for people to see the movie. But also, I think it is fair to say that, you know, that it’s a lot harder for other people,” Schumer added.

“I recognize that I am a Caucasian — I would love if this movie were starring a woman of color who’s had it way harder than me, and I think and I hope that we get there,” Schumer continued. Wow, did Schumer really just shame herself and women of color in the same sentence? I think so.

This stupid rant by Schumer just goes to show that liberals have a difficult time making any sense out of their convoluted thinking. Schumer continued to be apologetic. “This is hopefully just a step in the right direction,” Schumer added.

I’m assuming Schumer turned in a fair amount of hours to make her new movie, the title of which isn’t worth mentioning here. To my point, people normally want to be rewarded and, in Schumer’s case, admired for a time investment of such considerable magnitude. So, why on earth would she go on to “The View,” in front of a few million viewers, and berate what she probably considers to be hard work?

The only conclusion here is that liberalism is a disease, and I’m not the only one who thinks so. Below are a few of the brutal responses Schumer got on Twitter following her white shame moment, which certainly isn’t the reaction she was going for.

My favorite came from Twitter user Rob Dew who lead the charge with his tweet to Schumer. “On behalf of white people, we accept @amyschumer ‘s resignation from the white race … She is now officially black, @VibeHi do you accept our offering? She tells jokes and stuff,” Dew wrote.

Another person with the username “Stay In Love” simply wrote, “She’s a hypocrite,” and posted a great picture worthy of sharing.

Potatoe or Amy Schumer, I love that. Just because she’s a liberal doesn’t mean she should get a free pass from her critics.

Another person with the username “Drw907” blasted Schumer for being a race hustler, which I wholeheartedly agree with. “So, a person of color should have had your role because you think them ‘uglier’ than you. And the ladies on the view did not call you out on that vile racism,” Drw907 wrote.

That’s the problem that liberals like Amy Schumer run into every time they try to explain their “logic.” It simply doesn’t work out the way they have it organized or compartmentalized in their heads.

Amy Schumer should think twice before trying to wear her white shame in public if she’s going to make comments about what she thinks people of color ought to do in the future after she has her turn getting paid a lot of money to do those things.

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