Angry Liberal Gets A Lesson In Holiday Cheer From Jane Lynch

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A liberal writer for GQ randomly struck out at anyone who would dare wish her a “Merry Christmas,” demanding we all keep our season’s greetings to ourselves. Actress Jane Lynch saw this pathetic display of bah-hum-buggery and set the writer straight on the true meaning of Christmas.

Jane Lynch (left), Julia Ioffe (right) (Photo Credit: Screenshot TBS/MSNBC)

No other holiday seems to send angry liberals into a rage quite like Christmas. People on the far-left must genuinely be miserable since it’s like throwing salt on a snail for them to see anyone full of cheer and goodwill.

Julia Ioffe is one such person. Ioffe is a writer for GQ magazine, a feminist, and an overall liberal nutcase. Somebody must have committed the “hate crime” of wishing her well this holiday season because she went off on pretty much everyone who doesn’t share in her disdain for Christmas.

It must be horrible to be so empty inside that she has to lash out at the world when people were simply being polite and considerate to her. If her biggest problem is that people wish her a “Merry Christmas,” then she literally has no problems. The fact is, however, she has a ton of issues — and all of them are internal emotionally-crippling problems.

Obviously, posting something this bitter before the holidays caused a massive Merry Christmassing from the Twitterverse, so she hit back with more venom, threatening to wish us all a happy new year in September to see if it makes us merry or confused.

The only thing that would be confusing is someone this uptight and angry wishing anyone a happy anything. Even so, people wishing her a merry Christmas in December isn’t quite the same as her popping the champagne in September, so she used a bad analogy. It does offer a glimpse into her psychosis though, showing that any wishes of goodwill are baffling and scary to her.

Luckily, Jane Lynch came along and tried to save Ioffe from a stocking full of coal. The actress responded with a handy-dandy flowchart to help the Grinchy girl understand how to react to a variety of holiday wishes:

It’s quite easy to follow. When someone wishes you well with a holiday greeting, you say “Thank you! You too!” regardless of your personal beliefs because, as the visual states, “if you can’t see past the words of the wish to its good intent, then it’s not the holiday well-wisher who’s broken, it’s you.” What a novel concept.

Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that Ioffe will take Lynch’s example to heart because, in addition to hating holidays, liberals also despise actually displaying tolerance, even though it’s one of their favorite words to misuse. Expecting a liberal to not be personally offended by other people’s religions and customs is simply asking too much.

In fact, Ioffe proved just that as she responded to Lynch’s tweet by writing, “The omnipresence of Christmas for a whole month is deeply wearying and alienating to some of us who do not celebrate.”

But, after proving beyond a reasonable doubt that she’s a bitter hater, she sort of tried to deny it with another seemingly bitter tweet.

Some people take pleasure in wallowing in their own misery, and Julia Ioffe is one of them. Instead of wishing her a merry Christmas, perhaps she would prefer if people told her to go suck a lemon or get a canker sore. If she really wants a reason to be offended, we could find her one.

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