PETA Launched Protest Of ‘Greased Pig On Ice’ Event, There’s Just One Problem

The international animal advocacy group is at it once again, proving that they have way too much time on their hands. They’ve recently had their eye on a New Hampshire winter carnival after seeing a “Greased Pig On Ice” event was scheduled to take place. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) wasn’t having it, and they were quick with their protest, but there’s just one problem. […]

Couple Said It's Just A Vet Clinic, Cops Horrified By What It Really Was

Couple Said It’s Just A Vet Clinic, But Cops Horrified By What It Really Was

A couple in Pennsylvania kept a lot of animals at their property and were always accepting more while advertising that they were running a veterinarian clinic. But when a concerned citizen in the area noticed something strange toward the back of the house, something didn’t seem right. Soon, police swarmed the property and weren’t entirely prepared for the heinous sight they walked in on. […]