Hurricane Traps Woman At Home, Horrified When She Spots What's Lurking In Her Backyard

Hurricane Traps Woman In Home, Horrified When She Spots What’s Lurking In Her Backyard

As Texas continues to suffer Hurricane Harvey’s wrath, many people have been left stranded in their homes, fearing what’s to come next. When one woman from Missouri City glanced at the storm’s damage outside her home, things went from bad to worse as she noticed something unusual. In fact, after she took a closer look, she immediately grabbed a camera and began to record what was lurking in her backyard. […]


Thug Tries To Fist-Fight Police Horse, Regrets It When Karma Quickly Bites Him In The Rear

A man’s attempt at fist-fighting a police horse went sideways when he didn’t get the brawl he was hoping for. During a Latin music festival, a man deliberately placed his shoulder into a mounted police horse in Worcester, Massachusetts, attempting to start a fight with it before cops could shut him down and give him the instant karma he was asking for. The fool found out firsthand how painful karma can be. […]


Panicked Massachusetts Beach Goers Frantically Swim For Shore After Seeing What’s In Water

When a group of panicked swimmers frantically swam to shore after seeing what was in the water at Nauset Beach in Orleans, Massachusetts, many are thinking twice before getting back in the water. A New York man captured the terrifying event on his phone, and it’s leaving swimmers thankful to have escaped the life or death incident. Now, viewers are shocked and apprehensive about getting back in the water. […]


Hikers Glance Up At Mountainside, What They Spot In Bushes Sends Chills Down Their Spines

A pair of hikers, out enjoying the scenery in Sequoia National Park, got more than they bargained for last month when they peered up at the mountainside before them and saw what was in the bushes. One of the men filmed what happened next, and now, the footage is going viral online. When you see what the hikers did, you’ll understand their fear and why their video is now being shared all over social media. […]

Fire Engulfs Home, Firefighters Stunned To Learn Who The 'Hero' Was Who Died Saving Family

Blaze Engulfs Maine Home, Firefighters Stunned To See ‘Hero’ Who Died Saving The Family

As a fire began to engulf a home in Naples, Maine, firefighters rushed to the scene to help. When they arrived, they were absolutely stunned that they didn’t need to rescue anyone within the home because another “hero” stepped up to help. However, after the fire was put out, there was one problem – the “hero” had died saving the family. […]