Another Mass Killing At A School And Another Mind Numbing Report From MSM

A mass homicide has once again stained the state of Oklahoma, and this time, a school is the site of the killing. Oklahoma State University was transformed into a horrific scene of death and destruction in an event that left 3 dead and 40 injured.

A homecoming parade turned gruesome Saturday morning when an intoxicated person by the name of Adacia Chambers decided to present herself. Unfortunately, she chose to make her entrance into the parade in an illegal and violent manner, which left a swath of destruction behind her. According to Stillwater police Capt. Kyle Gibbs, it is unknown at this time if Chambers meant to kill those at the parade or not, yet she is in custody and will be charged with and most likely treated as a homicide suspect.

Chambers is also from Stillwater and at this time is not thought to be a student at Oklahoma State University. She is being accused of driving her 2014 Hyundai Elantra into an unmanned police motorcycle, before gassing it into the crowds of parade goers. This 25 year-old murderer is not likely to cause further restrictions or universal background checks on cars, as there has not yet been a call from those that constantly complain about “gun violence” to regulate cars more harshly to prevent this from happening in the future.

Adacia Chambers
Adacia Chambers

At least eight were critically hurt and nine seriously in the crash, according to police. Seventeen others were described as “walking wounded.” A Stillwater Hospital spokesperson said that about 40 patients, from ages 2 to 86, were initially brought there with wounds ranging from cuts and scrapes to life threatening injuries.

“I turn around, and you just see bodies flying in the air,” witness Tracy Epperson said. “That’s what’s going to be in my mind for forever.”

“It felt like dozens of people, may not have been dozens of people on the ground but it felt like dozens of people,” said Paul Sims, who attended the parade with his daughter. “The first person we came across was a young woman probably in her late teens, early twenties who was on the ground who was bleeding profusely from the head.”

Although this horrific event is being mildly presented to the public by the media, it’s quite obvious that they are not harping on this incident, nor are they cramming it down the throats of Americans as an excuse for more laws. If it isn’t about regulating guns, the hypocrites on the left don’t want to hear it, and they really don’t care. This incident had a much larger number of victims than the last “mass shooting,” yet not one call for a ban of cars has surfaced — and trust me, I looked for hours. Nothing.

H/T [NBC News]

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