Another School Shooter Was Ready To Attack, But One Thing Happened That Changed Everything

Authorities say that another disturbed student was preparing to open fire on his classmates and teachers. However, something happened that changed everything.

Another school shooting was in the works. (Photo Credit: Justin S. Campbell/Flickr, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department)

Since the Parkland school shooting, pundits have not stopped talking about gun control. They have pushed all kinds of politics as “solutions” to this terrible crisis. They never seem to think of more practical, effective ways to prevent bloodshed.

There is plenty of evidence that gun control only leads to more violence. “Gun-free” cities and zones have the worst record of gun-related death and crime. And, then, there’s the more obvious fact: even if you remove guns, sick individuals will still seek to harm innocents. They will only resort to other methods.

So, what can prevent school shootings? Several factors can mean the difference between life and death, including spotting the warning signs before violence occurs. That means apprehending would-be shooters, who show evidence of their intentions. This is just what a California security guard did recently. He discovered a student was planning an attack. Instead of ignoring it, he saved many lives.

A plot by a “disgruntled” student who was planning a mass shooting within weeks at a Southern California high school was thwarted after a security guard overheard a conversation last week, authorities said Wednesday.

Los Angeles County Sheriff Jim McDonnell said at a news conference that a security guard at El Camino High in Whittier, east of Los Angeles, overheard the 17-year-old student on Friday threatened to open fire in a matter of weeks…  

The sheriff said the weapons found at the teen’s home included two AR-15 rifles and 90 high-capacity magazines.

McDonnell called the school security officer, Marino Chavez, an “unsung hero” for alerting authorities. [Source: Fox News]

Believe it or not, this student wanted to harm his classmates over a disagreement about headphones. His teacher reprimanded him for bringing electronics into class. That inspired him to want to kill.

Clearly, this young man has serious problems. Who knows what he could have accomplished had Chavez not intervened?

The security guard overheard comments made by the young man. When he confronted him about it, the student said there would be a school shooting in a matter of weeks.

Chavez said the teen said he’d been kidding, but he still brought the youth to the main office to report the incident.

“There was swift action that could have possibly prevented a tragic event,” he said at a news conference, adding that he was “just doing my job.”

The student, who has not been identified because he is a minor, was arrested on charges of making criminal threats, according to McDonnell. [Source: Fox News]

Because this man took the right steps, they were able to prevent another horrific event. This young man was most certainly not kidding. The police were able to take the necessary steps to investigate. And, they found the proof he was planning to kill. They found numerous weapons at his home, including handguns and AR-15’s.

The weapons police found in the boy’s possession (Photo Credit: Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department)

What’s also interesting about this case is that it looks like some of the weapons were not legally acquired. The boy’s 28-year-old brother was arrested on separate weapons charges, which implies he was not following California’s very strict gun laws. Yet, he was still able to get his hands on powerful firearms.

This proves that gun laws do nothing to protect our schools, but an alert, proactive security guard? Yep, that does the trick.

Once again, the student had a suspicious history, one that had been previously ignored.

The student has previously faced disciplinary action at the school, and was previously suspected of saying he wanted an administration dead. In that incident, the sheriff said the boy’s mother told police her son had issues but was not a threat. [Source: Fox News]

This sounds like a very similar circumstance to the one in Florida. Nikolas Cruz, the accused shooter, had a history of problems, yet his family denied the warning signs. It was much the same in this case. Sadly, families can’t always be relied on to hold their children accountable. Denial is a powerful thing. Nobody wants to admit that their son is dangerous.

Thankfully, this security guard intervened before it was too late. It is proof that vigilant citizens and law enforcement can make a difference, where gun laws fail. As the anti-gun left is rallying to take away our rights to self-defense, this is one story that needs to be heard.

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