Anti-Gun Parents Have Fit Over Dad Exercising Rights, Authorities Cross The Line

One particular Michigan dad is a law-abiding citizen and legally carries a gun. He wants no fame and is just exercising his right to keep and bear arms. However, politically correct parents in his Michigan community are causing waves, and they have the authorities overreacting. What happened to this dad is ridiculous, as authorities crossed the line, acting like wimpy whiners making something out of nothing.

Armed security guards put school on lockdown and escort dad to classroom.

It’s a legal right to open carry a gun in Michigan, even in schools. One dad, who wishes to remain anonymous, is exercising his right to carry a gun, and part of his weekly duties include going to his daughter’s  music class. As one would imaging, certain parents in the class went crazy and called authorities, demanding they take action.

“As WOOD TV explains in the video, Kalamazoo school administrators take every precautionary measure they can during his weekly visits, including putting the school on lockdown and escorting the dad to and from the music class by police.” [via IJ Review]

The dad is not backing down, as guns in classrooms are not the problem. In a similar Michigan case in 2013, the judge upheld the dad’s right:

In matters of law, a more specific law almost always trumps a vague generality, and the district’s whine of “but we can do anything as long as we say it’s for student safety” fell flat with the judge, who ruled that a school district cannot enact policies that violate state law allowing licensed concealed carriers to open carry firearms into schools. [via Bearing Arms]

Thankfully, this dad is taking this all in stride. Those politically correct parents don’t understand that what they need to fear is not the dad carrying a gun. It’s the mentally unstable weirdo, who doesn’t always come with red flags and is planning on a mass killing. They won’t know he has a gun until it’s too late, and the only hopes of stopping him will be a good guy with a gun, such as this law-abiding dad.

These anti-gun parents need to focus on real problems, not on a dad exercising his 2nd Amendment rights.

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