Anti-Trump ‘Conservative’ Tries to Bash the President, Ends Up Backfiring in Her Face

An anti-Trump pundit who frequently appears on the fake news media recently tried to bash President Donald Trump over his comments about illegal immigrants. This “conservative,” however, embarrassed herself.

Conservative writer for The Washington Post, Jennifer Rubin, is an avid anti-Trumper. (Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr, Screenshot/YouTube)

It’s almost hard to believe there are still conservatives who oppose President Donald Trump. But like their buddies in the Democratic Party, these traitors are insider politicians who only want to protect their corrupt agenda. When Donald Trump entered the primary race, numerous notable Republicans were strongly against him.

Once he won the nomination, though, most of the party got behind him. They knew Trump had the ability to turn this country around. It helped that legions of Americans flocked to his banner. But despite the growing tide of support, there were still conservatives adamantly against him.

We know why. They are a part of the D.C. swamp. These “conservatives” are in the pocket of rich lobbyists who don’t want America to be great again. They like controlling the government, exploiting our workers, and sending jobs overseas — not to mention welcoming millions of illegal immigrants into the U.S. for cheap labor.

One of those anti-Trumpers is Jennifer Rubin. Because of her deranged, outspoken criticism of the President, she is welcomed on the left-wing news. Big surprise. She continues her ridiculous campaign against the President on Twitter. Rubin looks for every opportunity to bash the President, but recently, she really stepped in it.

The Leftist media adores Jennifer Rubin, a so-called ‘Conservative’ who never fails to feed their deliberately misleading narrative about President Trump. We get it, she doesn’t like Trump but c’mon already, if her hatred of him is such that she would totally betray Conservative ideals it’s seriously gone too far.

As if on cue, the media has been screeching about Trump supposedly calling ‘some illegal immigrants’ animals … when it was painfully obvious he was talking about the animals of MS-13. You know, the ones who murder people and then put their heads on stakes?

They ARE animals, sorry not sorry.

Rubin was front and center to virtue signal to her heart’s content:

Speaking of disgusting, see Jennifer’s deliberate effort to push a lie for her hateful narrative. [Source: Twitchy]

Uh, what? Did Rubin really defend MS-13? It’s obvious that Trump is very hard on the monsters that run the drug cartels. These people kill, torture, rape, and traffic in human lives. They are brutal and evil. And thanks to our weak Southern border, MS-13 can easily enter the United States, bringing with them drugs, violence, and death.

Only a deliberately dishonest person would claim Trump was talking about anyone else. Throughout his campaign and presidency, Trump has highlighted MS-13 as a major threat to our country. During his administration, ICE and DHS have rounded up hundreds of people in this gang. It’s clear they have infiltrated the United States and are undermining our national security and laws.

For some reason, liberals can’t seem to understand this. They’d rather you know nothing about these monsters. Even a “conservative” like Rubin ignores this reality in order to bash the President.

Also, notice how she insults the millions of “evangelical sycophants” that support the President. Really, Rubin? You call yourself a conservative but insult the largest group of conservatives in America? I’m not buying it.

Neither are many others.

No, she doesn’t. Much like the rest of the liberal media.

This isn’t the first time someone in the liberal media obviously distorted President Donald Trump’s actions or comments. In fact, that’s pretty much all they do these days. Instead of covering his presidency honestly, they take his words out of context, edit video, or deliberately misinterpret his actions. And these are supposed to be the pillars of American journalism.

How pathetic. Perhaps people like Rubin should go back to school. Or, maybe, just maybe, stop lying.

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