Anti-Trump Crowd Fuming At Gun Store Ad’s Politically Incorrect ‘Promise’

Anti-Trump Crowd Fuming At Gun Store Ad's Politically Incorrect 'Promise'
Altra Firearms owner Paul Chandler made a controversial announcement in a local newspaper that his shop’s policy has changed for the better.

With Hillary Clinton threatening to enforce gun control on an even stricter level, tactical businesses are seeing a rise in sales to customers concerned with possibly another Democratic president. However, what one gun store announced in their newspaper ad has anti-Trump activists even more outraged and Second Amendment-supporting Americans flocking to their doors.

Altra Firearms owner Paul Chandler has made headlines before for his politically incorrect stance regarding potential buyers. However, this time he’s the one putting his shop in the newspapers, and it’s apparently so controversial that he can expect political, legal, and possibly physical backlash. Of course, as a professional weapons dealer, we’re betting he and his employees are well-prepared for even the most triggered left-wing activists.

Think Progress reports that Chandler placed an ad in the local Pennsylvania paper that clears up any confusion on their unconventional new “policy.” The 54-year-old promised customers a safer shopping experience with a disclaimer under his ad that reads “Please NO Muslim or Hillary Supporters,” adding that “We do not feel safe selling to terrorists!”

Anti-Trump Crowd Fuming At Gun Store Ad's Politically Incorrect 'Promise'

While leftists will automatically resort to calling Chandler a racist bigot and accuse him of discrimination, the witty owner has perfectly reasonable explanations to back up his rules.

“She’s clearly stated that she doesn’t think Americans should have what she calls ‘assault weapons’ or even guns themselves,” he said about Clinton. “It’s incrementalism,” he added. “She will take one gun away and then she’ll take the next gun and the next gun until finally there’s no guns. So if you’re supporting her, I’m not going to arm you.”

While Hillary is clever enough to not explicitly admit she would like to abolish the Second Amendment, she has expressed and supported time and time again her willingness to continue pushing for stricter gun control. Of course, if she continues this, it could be virtually impossible for many law-abiding citizens to effectively protect themselves in the future. Still, this hasn’t stopped her supporters from getting their hands on weapons and murdering innocent people, as the Cascade Mall shooter recently did.

As for Chandler’s “No Muslims” policy, he has an even more logical reason for keeping anyone associated with the religious ideology out of his store, according to Talking Points Memo.

“They’re saying that America is the great Satan and it’s got to be destroyed. They’re basically teaching that if it’s an infidel, either they convert or kill them. And that’s what they’re doing in our country now,” he said, comparing the actions of modern Islamic nations to the expansion of Muslim influence into Europe before the Crusades. “If the gun store in Florida wouldn’t have sold to that man, there’s be 40 or 50 more people alive,” he continued, referring to Omar Mateen, who killed 49 people in Orlando when he opened fire in an LGBT nightclub.

Anti-Trump Crowd Fuming At Gun Store Ad's Politically Incorrect 'Promise'
Other signs at Altra Firearms reiterate their refusal to serve liberals and Muslims.

Chandler added that the same rule applies to any customers associated with the New Black Panther Party, KKK, or any other racist organization. He explained that he also denied service to a man who told him “I hate n*****s.”

Still, Think Progress pathetically attempted to compare Christianity to Islam, biasedly asking Chandler if he would refuse service to Christians over the single isolated series of abortion clinic bombings years ago, to which he replied that “hundreds of Christian preachers got up and said, ‘that is wrong'” but Muslim clerics widely encourage the Quran’s scriptures that command the murder of unbelievers instead of condemning terrorist attacks.

“Do you hear any Muslim clerics condemning what is going on today?” he asked. “I haven’t heard one.”

The liberal shills at Think Progress have never studied the Quran and hadith, and most likely believe that Islam is peaceful. Unfortunately for them, appeasing the followers of the inherently violent ideology will only assist in our cultural suicide.
While critics repeatedly deny that the Quran’s 109 verses of violence actually mean what they say, there is only one man who possessed the authority to interpret these commands. To ensure that future generations of Muslims wouldn’t start believing that Islam was meant to be practiced peacefully, their prophet Muhammad raped, pillaged, beheaded, enslaved, and forced his religious compulsions on any who refused to convert.

Chandler understands the violent compulsion in Islam and its leftist apologists, and if liberals really wanted to prevent more Islamic terrorist attacks, they’d not only be applauding his efforts but heading to Altra Firearms and purchasing a gun themselves.

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