Anti-Trump Mayor Costs Seattle Taxpayers $52 Million, Gets Devastating News

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Seattle mayor Jenny Durkan has been seeking the spotlight with her constant, anti-Trump comments, but it looks like the mayor has plenty of problems of her own. Thanks to her incompetence, the people of Seattle spent $52 million on a new project that has a big problem. Now, she faces some real backlash.

The mayor of Seattle is facing serious consequences after blowing through $52 million dollars. (Photo Credit: Kevin Schofield/Flickr, WIN MCNAMEE/AFP/Getty Images)

You gotta love Karma. For the last two years, Democrats have not stopped attacking President Donald Trump. It’s pretty hilarious to watch these pathetic, career politicians try to go toe-to-toe with the champ. Few of them can really stand up to his powerful rhetoric. They merely lie, whine, and slander — just to pander to their brain-dead followers.

Liberal leaders across the country have taken their hatred for the president even farther. Numerous mayors and a few governors have defied the federal government to protect illegal aliens. These con artists believe their residents want them to protect the very people who endanger their lives. Local law enforcement is forbidden to hand over dangerous criminals for deportation. Sanctuary policies put criminals back on the streets. Only psychopaths would applaud that.

One of those psychos is the mayor of Seattle, Jenny Durkan. She has frequently defied the president and the federal government by refusing to comply with immigration laws. It seems Durkan wants criminal aliens who rob, murder, and rape free to roam the streets. All the hard-working families in Seattle? Yeah, they’re on their own.

Durkan, like a good Democrat, has even tried to use her gender as a chip against the president. Because we all know that being a female mayor is more important than being a good mayor — at least to the social justice warriors on the left.

But perhaps Mayor Durkan should spend more time taking care of Seattle, instead of virtue signaling online. A major project to expand the city’s streetcars has just blown up in her face. She spent $52 million of the city’s money for new streetcars that won’t even work! Now, it will take even more money to correct the error.

Hmm, looks like good ol’ liberal incompetence strikes again!

The Seattle Department of Transportation ordered 10 new streetcars in the fall, at a cost of $52 million, as it planned to link the two existing streetcar lines with a new line along First Avenue through downtown.

The new streetcars that Seattle ordered to expand the downtown streetcar system are heavier and longer than the ones the city now operates, and it’s unclear if they’ll work on the current track and fit in the maintenance barn, Mayor Jenny Durkan’s office said Tuesday…

But Durkan halted that work in March and ordered an independent review of the project’s finances, after a Seattle Times report said costs to operate the new system could be 50 percent higher than SDOT had publicly stated. [Source: The Seattle Times]

Here’s a newsflash, Durkan, you should have ordered a review before you spent $52 million on those streetcars. What kind of an idiot would blow through that much of the taxpayer’s money on something they weren’t sure would work?

This is amateur. If you are going to go ahead with a big project, the first thing you should do is make sure the new cars will fit the tracks. Are you really that stupid, Durkan? Or is everyone that works for you completely incompetent?

Or maybe you knew this would happen, but did it anyway. Gotta spend that tax money on something, right? Perhaps this was all a money-laundering scheme, a way to funnel big bucks to your buddies in the labor union? Only to come back to Seattle residents and demand more money.

I wouldn’t put that past a Democrat.

You know who wouldn’t waste over $50 million on a bad project? Donald Trump, the man you spend copious amounts of time bashing. He has experience getting projects done on time and under budget. And he’s the one person in Washington that actually cares about American citizens. Unlike you, Durkan, who doesn’t mind burning through taxpayer cash on a project that will never get done.

But it’s okay, your corrupt party will have your back. Because you keep insulting the POTUS.

In April, after the U.S. Justice Department sent letters urging so-called sanctuary cities, including Seattle, to prove they are cooperating with federal immigration authorities, Durkan fired back, saying the administration should focus on “real public safety threats.”

As woman mayors, we are doing our part to protect our citizens against the all-out war that the Trump administration has waged against safe, inclusive communities, clean energy, and bold climate action,” she wrote in a tweet. [Source: The Seattle Times]

Pathetic, Durkan. You say you care about “real public safety threats,” then you wax on and on about climate change? At a time when the vast majority of Americans don’t even care about climate change? I think spending $52 million on a wasted streetcar project is more troubling to Seattle residents than climate change, don’t you? Democrats keep harping on climate change and illegal immigration — two issues that most of Americans are on the opposite side of.

Durkan has the gall to insult the president, while she does nothing to help her citizens. That’s classic Democrats. They think they can be as useless as possible, so long as they get props from the media.

Waste money. Lie to your supporters. Get nothing done while in office. But as long as you insult the President, the media will love you. Those days are over, Durkan. Be prepared to be ejected from power.