VIDEO: Anti-Trump Protesters Crash CA Trump Rally, Patriots Make Them PAY

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Donald Trump supporter (left), Anti-Trump agitator (right)

Shocking video footage of Saturday’s California pro-Trump rally turned slug-fest has gone viral after black masked anti-Trump agitators showed up and used pepper spray on several of President Donald Trump’s supporters. The liberal thugs were not prepared for the painful price that these patriots would make them pay for their violent behavior.

According to Daily Mail, the “Make America Great Again” march started around noon on Saturday at Bolsa Chica State Beach in Southern California and was peaceful until masked anti-Trump protesters showed up and assaulted several of the Trump supporters with pepper spray. Fists started to fly immediately after the pepper spray assaults, and the footage of the masked thugs getting pounded before running from the outraged Trump supporters was a sight to behold.

In the video, one black-clad protester is taken down by a Trump supporter for some serious ground and pound. The way these Trump supporters punished and then drove the thugs out of their rally is such a tremendous contrast to past events, where many times these Antifa criminals were allowed to harass and assault people with little to no consequence.

One enormous difference between Saturday’s Trump rally and the tragic violent mess which took place in Berkeley just weeks ago is that the members of law enforcement who were present did an outstanding job of getting control of the situation and handling business. Three of the anti-Trump agitators were arrested for suspected illegal use of pepper spray. One of them was painfully taken down by a k-9 after trying to run from police. A huge thank you goes out to the law enforcement officers who did an amazing job in Southern California on Saturday.

California State Park Police K-9 Team (left), Anti-Trump protester (right)

It seems more than coincidental that these violent rioters showed up to Trump rallies across the nation on Saturday after former Vice Presidential Candidate Tim Kaine said that Democrats must “fight in the streets” during an interview with Morning Joe on January 31. This just proves that when Democrats can’t win fairly, they resort to violence. According to Breitbart, Hillary Clinton joined the fray in February when she released a video message to her fellow Democrats just a week before the DNC voted for a new chairman, urging liberals to keep fighting and keep protesting.

President Donald Trump praised his supporters who attended rallies across the country on Saturday in a tweet. “Thank you all for the Trump rallies today. Amazing support. We will all MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!” he said.

This won’t be the last time that anti-Trump thugs show up at an event to cause trouble, but they should understand that the days of Barack Obama’s “let them riot” policies are over and they will pay a price for trying to victimize American patriots who gather to exercise their free speech. Furthermore, not all law enforcement officials, such as those in Berkeley, are shamefully corrupt.

The men and women in uniform, who protected the public on Saturday in Southern California, cannot be praised enough for their fine work, and we thank them. Please don’t forget to share this with someone else who would love to see these America-hating thugs getting what they deserve.

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