Antifa Thug Attacks 9/11 Widow: ‘Hope Your Husband Rots In Grave,’ Gets Epic Smackdown

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A woman was minding her own business while crossing the street in Portland, Oregon when rabid Antifa thugs attacked her. She was targeted by the angry Antifa mob for wearing an NYPD hat. When the woman informed them that she was a 9/11 widow, one thug became incensed and viciously screamed, “I hope your husband rots in the grave.” Well, little did these punks know there were true American patriots there who gave them an epic smackdown. Don’t miss this.

Those on the left like Hillary Clinton, Maxine Waters, and Eric Holder have stirred up rabid thugs to take to the streets like vicious animals attacking patriots. It seems anyone wearing American flags or patriotic symbols are fair game. For this 9/11 widow, what made these thugs target her was the NYPD baseball hat she was wearing. These Antifa thugs hate our police officers with a vengeance, which you will see.

Although we do not know the name of the 9/11 widow, we do know she was minding her own business when the mob of Antifa thugs came up from behind. Immediately, these disgusting animals started to shout in her face.

“Why are you trying to block me? I’m f*cking trying to walk here,” said the thug.

“Well, I didn’t make traffic signals,” replied the widow with a smile.

The vicious Antifa thug screamed, “You’re a snarky little f*cking idiot! Shut the f*ck up!”

The 9/11 widow wouldn’t show fear, replying, “Try something b*tch.”

The thug said, “I’m not going to touch you. I’m not like your husband. I’m not going to punch you.”

No, he is just going to verbally assault her in an extremely vile and threatening way because she is a middle age woman who he figures he can beat up. What a coward.

I’m not like your boyfriend, or your ‘cop’ boyfriend who is going to punch you out, don’t worry,” the punk said with sarcasm.

So he reveals his utter contempt and hatred for all police officers, something the leftists have pounded into the useful idiot’s heads. Our 9/11 widow just smiles as she knows she is about to drop on a bomb on these punks.

She turned around and pointed to her hat, saying, “My husband died in 9/11.

And instead of just walking away with shame, as most human beings would, this leftist nutjob has no decency.

“Good for him, good, good,” said the thug.

Then, the widow looked at a woman standing next to the Antifa wimp and shamed her by saying, “That’s your boyfriend?”

We can’t see the woman’s entire reaction but it looked like she nods her head and the thug knew he was shamed in front of his girlfriend.

He started screaming and following the 9/11 widow as she walked across the street, “NYPD are a bunch of sodomites, f*cking sodomizing immigrants with their bully sticks. So your husband, your f*cking husband should probably rot in the grave!”

Little did this Antifa thug know American patriots were on their way to give him an epic smackdown.

Then, out of nowhere, a group of young men came to her rescue. The Daily Wire reports, “The apparent Antifa protester who seemed to feel empowered when harassing a woman who lost her husband in the 9/11 terror attacks suddenly lost his nerve when confronted by large men who appear to be associated with the right-wing ‘Proud Boys.'”

They add, “Additional footage of the Antifa protester shows him and his friends taunting counter-protesters in Portland, OR, from across the street. After several back-and-forth insult exchanges, a large bald man begins walking toward the Antifa protesters.”

One Twitter user caught the additional footage of the Antifa thugs running away like crying babies when confronted by real men:

This was shocking footage even though we know these sick, vile, Antifa thugs are out there looking to start riots and mayhem. They pick on a middle age woman who is doing nothing wrong. What shocks most decent people is the extensive programming and brainwashing these idiots have undergone.

They really believe all cops are the enemy of the American people? Think about how dangerous that truly is for our police officers today. Well, maybe this thug needs to take a vow to never call 911 when he needs help. If these Antifa punks really are dedicated to hating cops, we really hope they follow that up with never calling 911, again. And all Americans need to beware of what is coming.

Let’s pray for our police officers, for our first responders, and for our president. This is a dangerous time. That thug was evil, and there is plenty of his ilk roaming around looking to destroy America and hurt Americans. May God protect our great country and deliver us all from evil. Amen.

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