WATCH: Antifa Bully Hits Man From ‘Patriot Prayer’, Gets Fast Brutal Karma

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WATCH: Antifa Bully Hits Man From 'Patriot Prayer', Gets Fast Brutal Karma
Pictured: Antifa bully

In Portland, Oregon, an Antifa punk decided that it was a good idea to try to block a man from Patriot Prayer from simply walking past. As he went on to shove and strike the patriot, he soon got what he deserved — and it was all caught on camera.

Heat Street reports that anarchists from the Antifa group “Oregon Students Empowered” held a rally in Chapman Square to “stand against police targeting,” whatever that means. Conservatives from Patriot Prayer showed up to watch, engage protesters, and to prevent them from breaking laws and wreaking havoc as they did at the May Day protest.

The two sides mouthed off at each other a bit, and one large man from Patriot Prayer had his path blocked by an Antifa dork in a gray jacket. As the video shows, the patriot had no intentions of tolerating the assault from the smaller Antifa man, and he took care of business quickly.

Watch the video for yourself, below:

Hopefully, that is one Antifa thug who learned his lesson. Unfortunately, Portland was not the only US city to see recent violent activity from Antifa. Activists also clashed with Donald Trump supporters at a rally in Boston, Massachusetts, on Friday, May 12, where at least two were arrested, according to Inquisitr.

What was billed by Trump supporters as a “Free Speech Rally” at Boston Common quickly turned into a clash of ideologies as the two sides, both numbering into the hundreds of people, began shouting, scuffling, and later, throwing punches. Herald reporter Jordan Graham observed that both sides came to the event expecting violence: members of both sides were observed wearing protective sporting equipment, goggles, and helmets. Others carried flagpoles, umbrellas, and sticks.

Inquisitr also describes an incident where a Trump supporter tried to make a joke by offering a Pepsi can to an Antifa protester, a reference to the failed Pepsi commercial starring Kendall Jenner. Apparently, the Antifa goofball did not think the gesture was funny.

Nineteen-year-old Elise Hinman, of Clovis, Calif., didn’t see the humor in it (apparently it was the fourth time that day that someone had tried to make the same joke), and the two began scuffling. Cippola then threw a punch; both Cippola and Hinman were arrested and charged with affray (that is, public fighting, a first-degree misdemeanor in Massachusetts.)

These protests are growing more absurd by the week, and one has to wonder where Antifa gets their members. Do these people have careers or anything better to do than gathering in the streets and making a ruckus for no reason? The protesters are nonsensical and, in truth, should have been protesting Barack Obama for the last 8 years since his big government policies were far more fascist than those of his successor, President Donald Trump.

In the minds of some, protests do not need to make sense, as they just want to let their anger to run wild. For some of them, like the guy in the video, it would prove far less painful to control that anger, as sometimes the conservative counter-protesters have little patience for being bullied, and they are not afraid to demonstrate it.