WATCH: Antifa EXPOSED In Virginia — This Is The Video The Liberal Media Is Trying to Hide!

Antifa protesters in Richmond (left) beat and hospitalize a CBS reporter (right) (Photo Credit: Youtube/CBS 6, WTVR).

The American mainstream media has been blaming President Donald Trump for the violence and deaths in Charlottesville, Virginia, while conveniently ignoring the incitations of the left-wing agitators. Now, a revealing new video is fully exposing the violent crimes of the leftist domestic terror group Antifa — and you can bet the liberal media doesn’t want you to see it.

As reported by Richmond’s CBS 6, an off-duty CBS photojournalist was viciously assaulted by Antifa protesters in Richmond on Sunday night while trying to film their demonstrations. The journalist was knocked to the ground, beaten, and hospitalized.

The journalist, who has not been named, was using his cell phone camera to record protesters of Confederate monuments who were walking by a music club on Richmond’s West Broad Street.

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As can be seen in the video, the Antifa protesters quickly become irritated that the journalist was capturing their antics. They yelled at him to stop filming. When he refused, the situation rapidly escalated into violence.

The “Anti-fascists” threw the CBS journalist to the ground and mercilessly hit him with a stick. The beating was so severe that an ambulance had to be called to take him to the hospital, where he received stitches in his head.

Laura French, one of CBS 6’s leading anchors, responded to the assault on Twitter, writing: “Our CBS 6 photojournalist assaulted in the head while shooting protests in Richmond. In the hospital getting stitches. Stop the VIOLENCE!”

This cowardly act of violence comes right after a deadly confrontation between leftist Antifa and various white supremacist groups in Charlottesville. As reported by Fox News, three people died and 19 were injured during the tense protests and counter-protests responding to the removal of Confederate monuments in the city.

However, as the Los Angeles Times notes, many are blaming the chaos on the local government and police force’s mishandling of the situation. Despite having months to prepare for the “Unite the Right” supporters of Confederate monuments, police failed to protect their demonstration space from Antifa agitators.

As the video of the beaten CBS photojournalist shows, Antifa is inherently violent. Its aim is to stir violence and then blame the mayhem on right-wingers. They’ve proved this time and again all around the country.

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Just one day after the violence at Charlottesville, Antifa in Seattle attacked a pro-Trump Freedom Rally, as covered by Komo News. Police ultimately had to break up the conflict with pepper spray and blast balls. The Antifa members in Seattle were even seen burning the American flag while holding up signs that read, “Go Back to Europe.”

The press has used the Charlottesville tragedy to slander President Trump, accusing him of promoting white supremacy. Left-wing journalists have repeatedly called on the President to disavow the Nazis and KKK at Charlottesville, which he has done.

However, the liberal obsession with having Trump disavow every case of violence by a supposed “right-winger” is very different from the attitude the left takes when a crime is committed by someone on their side of the ideological spectrum.

Did the media ever press Barack Obama to disavow the cop killings performed by Black Lives Matter thugs? Was Bernie Sanders pushed to denounce James Hodgkinson, the man who shot Republican Congressman Steve Scalise? After all, Hodgkinson was a devoted Bernie supporter who volunteered for the Vermont senator’s presidential campaign.

Cartoonist Scott Adams, the Dilbert creator who has been a vocal supporter of Trump, ridiculed the media’s insistence that Trump disavows every bad thing done by a white supremacist anywhere.

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It’s clearly the left that’s intent on using violence as a means of achieving its political ends. Antifa is now the militant arm of the Democratic Party. For the safety of all Americans, the federal government should follow the State of New Jersey’s lead and categorize Antifa as a domestic terror organization.

If we don’t take a stand against the intimidation tactics of these criminals, our First Amendment rights to free speech will be in peril.