Lone Patriot Destroys Antifa After They Put ‘Pregnant Black Woman’ On Gen. Lee’s Pedestal

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Antifa get ready to place “Madre Luz” statue on Confederate generals pedestal (left), a Donald Trump supporter on Election Night (right) (Photo credit: screengrab/YouTube, screengrab/YouTube)

The Antifa thugs aren’t anywhere near finished with their sick campaign to obliterate Confederate monuments. In Baltimore, after the cowardly liberal mayor removed Confederate statues in the middle of the night, the Antifa thugs placed a statue of a pregnant Black woman with a raised “Black Power” fist on the exact same pedestal. Well, one lone patriot has had enough, and he destroyed the Antifa thugs in one awesome move. You’re going to love this.

Catherine Pugh, the liberal “Black Lives Matter” Baltimore mayor, recently removed the statues of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson from Wyman Park Dell in the cover of darkness, like rats who wait until the still of the night to scurry around and do their dirty deeds. But, we shouldn’t be surprised since Pugh was the loudmouth who tried to link President Donald Trump to the Freddie Gray jury decision that found the Baltimore cops not guilty. She hates cops and is a militant Black Lives Matter proponent, and she believes violence is the way to put the communists in power.

“The city charter says, according to our city attorney, if the mayor wants to protect or feels like she needs to protect the public or keep her community safe, she has the right to keep her community safe. I felt the best way to remove the monuments was to remove them overnight,” Pugh said, according to CNN.

She even removed a monument dedicated to the “Women of the Civil War,” following the Marxist playbook for conquering a culture. Karl Marx, Adolf Hitler, and other fascists and communist dictators destroyed all the cultural icons, both historical and religious, to re-write history. It’s what these losers do as a first step to take away your rights.

To add insult to injury, the useful idiots, the Antifa thugs, placed a statue of a black pregnant woman with a raised fist, called the “Madre Luz,” on Robert E. Lee’s pedestal. Sick of the Antifa losers and the leftist mayor, a fed-up patriot toppled the “Madre Luz” statue, and he didn’t do it in the cover of darkness. 

Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh (left), Madre Luz statue toppled (right) (Photo credit: screengrab/YouTube, screengrab/YouTube)

Here’s the kicker, Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh wants that patriot “brought to justice.” Forget about the leftists who illegally moved the Madre Luz to the location, forget that this Madre Luz statue was already crumbling with a video showing thugs defacing and painting it with a rainbow sash and a glittered hand to symbolize the LBGTQ nutjobs, forget all that. What matters in Baltimore is finding the man in the “khaki shorts and a blue shirt,” who righted the wrong and did it in broad daylight at 2:40 pm in the afternoon, not in the cover of darkness, like the coward mayor.

Here’s how leftist sites are describing what happened: “On Thursday morning, Pablo Machioli’s sculpture depicting a pregnant black woman with her fist raised, child on her back, stood proudly atop a marble base in the Wyman Park Dell. By the late afternoon, someone had knocked over and destroyed the sculpture,” reports the Baltimore Fishbowl.

The report goes on, “Activists on Wednesday had erected Machioli’s piece on top of the marble base, left vacant after Mayor Catherine Pugh’s administration ordered crews to tear down a bronze monument depicting prominent Confederate generals Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson.

Notice how they skip over the part where the Madre Luz statue was dragged there illegally and already defaced, painted with rainbows and a glittered fist? And, it was not just on a “vacant pedestal,” but a pedestal where Confederate Generals had stood. They call those who break the law, “activists,” rather than calling them the thugs that they are. They forget to report the statue was a mess, crumbling and dirty, as pictures prove days before it was “toppled,” as you can see below:

Now, the Antifa thugs and their pet mayor are whining because someone toppled their Madre Luz statue. Oh, the irony. Whoever the patriot was, he wasn’t hiding his actions. Reports say he stopped his car, got out, toppled the statue and went on his way, right in the middle of the afternoon. Good for him. He did the City of Baltimore a service, and just what is he guilty of anyway? The statue was never approved to be on that pedestal. It was already in bad condition. Yet, Mayor Pugh wants him found. What a bunch of nonsense. Pugh starts the war, but like all cowards, she can’t finish it.

If these groups, like Antifa and Black Lives Matter, think they will be able to continue their reign of terror on our national monuments, they are sadly mistaken. Sixty-three percent of Americans totally disagree with the purge of our monuments. If they think one man toppling a crumbling Madre Luz statue is bad, they haven’t seen anything yet. Go ahead, let them bring it on.

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