Antifa Punk’s Attempt To ‘Punch A Nazi’ Backfires When He Learns Who’s Face He Split Open

A shocking video is spreading like wildfire across social media after a wannabe badass from Antifa decided to go into the streets and carry out his plans to “punch a Nazi.” Unfortunately for him, things took a nasty turn just as soon as he started swinging – and that’s about the time things spectacularly blew up in his face as he learned whose face he had just split open.

Antifa Punk’s Attempt To ‘Punch A Nazi’ Backfires When He Learns Who’s Face He Split Open
A stock image of Antifa protesters for visual representation (left), a man who was punched by Antifa (right) (Photo Credit: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images News/Getty Images, Screenshot/Twitter)

The incident took place at yet another “peaceful” protest held by the left, where they had gathered together in hopes of stopping so-called “Nazis” once and for all. Of course, what they mean by Nazis is someone who doesn’t agree with their desperate and pathetic narrative that infringes on the rights of others.

Be that as it may, leftist propaganda networks have given so much attention to domestic terrorist groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter that they actually think their agenda is relevant and that their cause is honorable. In fact, as we’ve seen countless times at this point, they’re willing to take things to a physical level in order to force Americans to bend to their will.

Despite claiming that they’re “tolerant” and “peaceful,” these groups always show up to an event armed to the teeth with bats and shields while wearing full protective gear. In short, they clearly come looking for a fight. As it turns out, that was just the case when a few Antifa members decided to live up to their slogan and “punch a Nazi,” as Young Conservatives reports.

Although only the aftermath was caught on tape, it quickly becomes clear that one leftist goon really screwed up. With the clip showing a man’s bloodied face after it had just been split open by an Antifa member to the point of likely needing stitches, things take a turn as viewers learn who the guy actually is.

As it turns out, this was nothing more than a case of Antifa on Antifa violence as the bleeding man was actually a leftist demonstrator. Apparently, after assaulting the man simply because he “looked” like a fascist, the cowardly attacker ran away before he could face repercussions for what he had done.

Of course, Twitchy reports that it wasn’t long before supporters of President Donald Trump were left laughing over the clip and decided to drop a few words on social media in response:

In the end, the victim here got a brutal reality check as he even admitted to being unsure of why he came in the first place. When it comes down to it, this guy went to support a cause that left him bloodied and in need of medical attention simply because he didn’t look the part.

Even worse yet, this demonstrates exactly how the left operates. It doesn’t matter what others say or how they act, all that matters is causing chaos. They don’t want to further any cause, they want an excuse to fight and hurt others, like sociopaths. Tell me again, who are the Nazis here?

At the end of the day, Trump was right. Violence on all sides needs to be condemned 100% of the time. If the morons running CNN and MSNBC weren’t so concerned with stuffing their pockets from ratings, maybe they could actually help. This country needs to heal, and making excuses for one side isn’t doing a dang thing in that regard. There is no “better” side when it comes to Antifa vs. the KKK – they’re all scum.

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