Antifa Thugs Slash ‘Fascist’s’ Tires, So Trump Supporters Unleash Their Worst Nightmare

A few Antifa thugs recently got together to cause a little mayhem. Too bad for them, their idea to slash the tires on cars belonging to “fascists” blew up in their faces as Trump supporters unleashed their worst nightmare — and it was all caught on video.

Antifa Brats Slash 'Fascist's' Tires, So Trump Supporters Unleash Their Worst Nightmare
Images from the video recorded in Seattle, Washington (Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube)

The University of Washington in Seattle recently held a prayer rally. Come to find out, UW College Republicans invited Patriot Prayer, a conservative group founded by a Vancouver man named Joey Gibson.

Of course, we can’t have a right-wing rally without some “resistance,” can we? Begging to be relevant, leftist groups like Antifa quickly announced that they would also be attending in order to protest the event’s sentiments. Without hesitation, they showed up — and, as usual, they were ready to fight.

Perhaps the most shocking aspect is that the rally only had about two dozen attendees from the right-leaning groups Proud Boys and Cascade Legion, according to The Stranger. For some reason, liberal agitators showed up much more heavily in numbers and immediately made their intentions clear by trying to pick a few fights. In all, five people were arrested throughout the day.

Unfortunately for them, it seems that even though they had the advantage of numbers, they would still end up losing. In fact, the Proud Boys, a group of real men who advocate for freedom, would come out on top after Antifa thugs pushed them a little too far.

Although they identify as libertarians, the liberal media has done their best to demonize the group’s character and frequently refers to them as “alt-right” Trump supporters. This is untrue, and several videos they post on the YouTube channel “The Common Sense Conservative” and share to CSC Media Group USA more than prove it.

At the end of the day, it’s just a bunch of guys getting together to show the country how much they love America and freedom. And, too bad for Antifa, they were about to get a taste of just how far these guys were willing to go when it comes to preserving those ideals. As can be heard in video footage which Proud Boys recently released, they stumbled across a group of destructive Antifa thugs.

Come to find out, the punks were slashing the tires of people they believed were “fascists” — but that’s about the time these Trump supporters unleashed their worst nightmare. All caught on video, the Proud Boys confronted the masked morons only to be pepper sprayed. Of course, the leftist thugs thought they had the upper hand, but they would quickly learn just how sorely mistaken they were.

Without hesitation, the Proud Boys defended themselves and neutralized the threat rather quickly. By dishing out a series of well-placed blows, it seems that Antifa doesn’t like the taste of their own medicine. Just like that, the cowardly punks quickly became docile creatures no longer wishing to exhibit their violent tendencies.

Ironically, the morons wanted to call the police — the same people they were trashing earlier that day. Claiming to be assaulted, the idiots couldn’t seem to grasp the fact that they were the ones guilty of assault through their unprovoked use of pepper spray and that the Proud Boys were merely acting in self-defense.

These liberal dummies can’t even see the truth right in front of their face, yet they claim to be a legitimate political entity worthy of recognition. This is why Antifa has been branded a domestic terror organization, and this is why no one will ever take them seriously. Until they just go away, though, at least we’ll get to watch them getting their butts kicked every time a new video comes out.

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