WATCH: Antifa Strikes Again, What They Did To A Trump-Supporter Will Turn Your Stomach

It’s been a while since Antifa’s been in the news. The domestic terrorist group has been quiet since their antics last year, but unfortunately, they haven’t gone away. They may have lost funding from a few big Democrats, but this group still works to overthrow our democracy. Antifa made an appearance at a right-wing event this weekend, and what they did to a supporter will turn your stomach.

Antifa once again showed its ugly head at a right-wing event. (Photo Credit: cantfightthetendies/Flickr)

I don’t have to tell you about Antifa. The horrible hate-group is led by mostly ignorant college-aged students. These entitled brats show up to riot at conservative events. They hate capitalism, free speech, and democracy. All the while, they are texting on their smartphones, provided by those very values.

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Over the last year, Antifa has been responsible for acts of violence across America. They rioted at Berkeley, California, numerous times. The damage they caused was in the millions. At free speech or President Donald Trump rallies, they’ve unleashed their fury. Antifa members don’t care about who they hurt — they just want to hurt people. While claiming to be against fascism, they use the very same tactics to silence political rivals.

This weekend, a group of right-wing supporters gathered in New York for a gala event. The night was to be a celebration among like-minded folks. It was a private function, that should have gone smoothly. But, Antifa arrived to cause trouble. While they couldn’t get into the function, they protested outside. As you can expect, the protest turned violent. Antifa was responsible for attacking people who attended the event. They even sent a 56-year-old man to the hospital. Take that, fascists!

A 56-year-old man was taken away in an ambulance after he was assaulted by Antifa outside the Night for Freedom gala in New York City, a gathering of the New Right and Trump supporters organized by Mike Cernovich.

The man was reportedly leaving the event when he was set upon by members of “Antifa,” who are classified as a domestic terrorist organization by U.S. security agencies. He is currently in a stable condition at Bellevue hospital.

One Antifa member involved in the assault, David Campbell of Crown Heights, Brooklyn, was arrested on charges of assault, strangulation, criminal obstruction of breathing, resisting arrest, criminal possession of a weapon, and loitering. [Source: Breitbart]

Here is a sample of the night’s events:

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Forgive my sentiment, but Antifa is made up of spoiled pieces of garbage. These children have enjoyed the prosperity of the United States. They grew up in the privilege and comfort of a capitalist society. Even now, they enjoy the fruits of our industries and businesses — many of them going to college and working at Starbucks. Yet, they have the audacity to riot as a form of protest against our very country. These cowards dress in black, wearing face masks. Yet, they call their victims the criminals.

What’s even more outrageous is the fact that Democrats continue to support the terrorist organization. In fact, the deputy chairman of the DNC, Keith Ellison, is a noted Antifa supporter.

Two others were also hurt in the fight and taken to hospital. It is currently unclear if they were attendees of the event or protesters.

“Antifa is a domestic terrorist organization” said event organizer Mike Cernovich. “This is what Democrats support.”

Cernovich went on to retweet posts highlighting support for the violent leftist organization from DNC deputy chairman Keith Ellison. [Source: Breitbart]

How can anyone in American government support a group that commits such acts of violence? Antifa has proven itself to be un-American. They don’t care about democracy, free speech, or the rights of others.

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Respecting other people’s points of view is a joke to them. They are only concerned with spreading chaos, fear, and violence. Anyone who supports that kind of policy should not be in government.