VIDEO: Antifa Thug Hits Reporter, Viewers Shocked By Who’s Lurking Nearby

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Watch: Antifa Thug Hits Reporter, Viewers Shocked By What’s In Background
Image captured from video shot in Washington, D.C. (Source: Twitter)

While covering protests in Washington, D.C., a reporter decided to walk over to a group of so-called Anti-Fascists (Antifa) for an interview. Unfortunately, things would quickly take a turn as one of the thugs reached out and sucker punched the man – but viewers would later see who was lurking nearby that many others didn’t even seem to notice.

The incident took place on Sunday as Rebel Media’s Jack Posobiec headed over to George Washington University to get some footage, but things wouldn’t exactly go according to plan as he spotted a protest group and decided to ask them a few questions. Although he knew that things could quickly take a turn, nothing could prepare him for what happened next. All caught on video, one of the thuggish members of the group immediately grew enraged and sucker punched the reporter.

Although the childish coward tried to run away, he was apprehended by police and arrested for assault. However, that’s not all that caught the attention of the video’s viewers as a few keen eyes picked up on something rather disturbing in the footage.

Also caught in the clip was Antifa member Paul “Luke” Kuhn, walking around with a camera of his own. For those unaware, this is the same punk who Project Veritas undercover journalists busted for plotting Butyric acid attacks on supporters of President Donald Trump.

As one would imagine, Luke was quickly arrested after his intentions were exposed, but it seems that he’s since been released and is back at it again. In fact, many people were quick to question the conditions of his release, even going so far as to wonder if he was violating his presumed probation by being involved in another event of this kind.

There’s no arguing that the ranks of the Antifa movement are full of the most childish, cowardly, and vile people that society has to offer. Willing to use violence on people whose speech they find “offensive” not only goes to prove the hypocrisy of their beliefs but their lack of understanding pertaining to the U.S. constitution.

At the end of the day, what you get when you strip away all the self-righteousness and, of course, the cowards’ masks, is nothing more than a bunch of adults with the mental stability of a toddler, throwing a collective temper tantrum about something they genuinely fail to comprehend. Instead, they’re willing to hurt others who don’t feel the way they do in hopes of achieving an end result that looks like something more similar to anarchy than anything else.

As if it wasn’t clear already that the Antifa movement needs to be declared a terrorist organization, this video only proves why that needs to be the case. Not only are these idiots willing to commit acts of genuine terror (gassing people), but they use violence at every turn simply because it suits them.

Of course, the cowardly behavior, like that of the one seen trying to run away, makes them even more dangerous because they’re unwilling to deal with the consequences of their actions. Too bad for them, this country is growing sick of their antics and has now begun to fight back.

You know what they say about bullies — they only like to fight people who don’t fight back. These entitled brats don’t like getting a dose of their own medicine. So, it’s only a matter of time before this group of crybabies starts running back to their parent’s basement as Trump supporters are forced to defend themselves.