WATCH: Antifa Thug Tries To Run From Homeland Security Agents, Quickly Regrets It

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Antifa thug running (left), holding mask (center), on the ground (right)

Shocking footage recently surfaced on social media showing an Antifa thug who thought he was a badass until Homeland Security agents gave him one huge painful reason never to run from them again. Watch as this America-hating punk gets taught a lesson he truly deserved.

A video uploaded to YouTube on June 5, 2017, shows the epic but brief chase between an Antifa thug who was filmed running from Homeland Security agents in Portland, Oregon. As a reporter is interviewing a Trump supporter wearing the famous, “Make America Great Again” hat, the thug is seen running up the sidewalk toward the cameraman. Luckily for us, the cameraman had the wherewithal to follow the chase and capture what happened next.

The cameraman ran up the sidewalk as officers from Homeland Security closed in on the thug, tackling him to the ground. In an instant, at least four officers were on top of the punk who was then laying on the cement face down.

One of the Homeland Security agents can be heard yelling, “Stop resisting, stop resisting.” This is when the unruly idiot gets a well-deserved knee on top of his face, smashing him down on the sidewalk.

As the agents work to secure the suspect, one of the bystanders can be heard telling the crowd, “Everybody, back it up. Make room for the cops to do their job. Back it up!”

It doesn’t take long for the Antifa thug to be cuffed and rolled over onto his back. The agents then ordered him to lift his knees toward his chest as someone is heard saying, “Hey, say hi bro, say hi to the internet. Yeah, don’t put your little mask up little cupcake.”

According to Breitbart, Antifa activists have been showing up at Trump-supporter and anti-Sharia rallies across the U.S. most recently on June 10, 2017, at the March Against Sharia walks which took place in several cities. This particular video was filmed on June 4, 2017, at Schrunk Plaza in Portland, Oregon at a rally organized by a conservative organization known as Patriot Prayer.

The Homeland Security agents seen in the video deserve a raise and a good round of applause for getting this piece of low-life trash off our streets. He was reportedly charged with disorderly conduct and given a federal citation along with that beautiful knee to the side of his face.

It’s sad that these Antifa thugs are mostly a bunch of brainwashed kids who think they are making a difference.  The only thing his thug proved is that when you play a stupid game you win a stupid prize.

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