Apple CEO Tim Cook Rejects Free Speech, Calls It ‘Sin’ Not to Ban Users

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While excepting an “anti-hate” award, Apple CEO Tim Cook celebrated the latest trend to ban certain users from tech platforms. The leader of one of the largest tech companies in the world called for more censorship on major websites and services. He rejected the notion of free speech and equality, calling it a “sin” not to attack people you don’t agree with.

Apple CEO Tim Cook is on board with banning you from his platform, if he doesn’t like what you have to say. (Photo Credit: Austin Community College/Flickr)

Once upon a time, the Internet was an open place. People who would have otherwise been ignored by the mainstream media could make their voices heard. From social networks to blogs, users had the ability to share their ideas, reach an audience, and make money, thanks to the complete freedom the Internet provided.

Then 2016 happened. The election of Donald Trump to the White House shocked the liberal overlords that run most of our major platforms. Since then, they’ve decided to “crack down” on users whose opinions and views could jeopardize their political agenda.

Social networks started censoring, shadow banning, or outright blocking conservative users. From individual Americans to popular websites, social networks made it difficult for Trump-supporters, Republicans, or anyone with a conservative lean to be seen or heard.

This movement has only grown over the last two years. The arrogant CEO’s of top online platforms arrogantly think they can control our conversations online. Calling anyone right of center “white supremacists,” they pat themselves on the back for violating our most sacred freedom: speech.

It doesn’t seem like they are going to stop any time soon. Even Apple, the once most-cherished tech company in the world, has begun goose-stepping to the censorship beat. After a flurry of bans from their iTunes store, CEO Tim Cook received an “anti-hate” award from the Anti-Defamation League.

Liberals patting liberals on the back for attacking conservatives. Have you ever seen anything more disgusting? Maybe spiders mating.

During his acceptance speech, Cook vowed for more censorship on his platform. He even called not blocking and silencing people he doesn’t like a “sin.”

We only have one message for those who seek to push hate, division and violence: You have no place on our platforms,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said Monday, emphasizing, “You have no home here.”

Cook delivered this message while accepting the Anti-Defamation League’s first-ever “Courage Against Hate” award at an event in New York City. He was recognized for his role in championing unity, diversity and social progress…

“From the earliest days of iTunes to Apple Music today, we have always prohibited music with a message of white supremacy. Why? Because it is the right thing to do. As we showed this year, we won’t give a platform to violent conspiracy theorists on the App Store.”

But Cook said he’s optimistic about the future of the tech industry.

“We believe the future should belong to those who use technology to build a better, more inclusive, and more hopeful world,” he said. “I believe the most sacred thing that each of us is given is our judgment, our morality, our own innate desire to separate right from wrong. Choosing to set that responsibility aside in a moment of trial is a sin.” [Source: CNN]

Who is Tim Cook to decide what is or isn’t acceptable speech? Our nation was founded on the notion that We the People decide that for ourselves.

When our Congress, president, and Supreme Court refuse to dictate our speech, who does Apple think it is to do it for us?

Cook can make grand statements as much as he wants. He can call banning a customer fighting “white supremacy” or building a “better, more inclusive” world. But what he’s really doing is trying to silence political rivals.

It’s a trend we’ve seen long before 2016. Liberals are so thin-skinned, so terrified of dissenting opinions, they go out of their way to silence or ignore people who don’t agree with them. College campuses have a long history of attacking conservatives. They ban conservative speakers from attending events. Liberal students are allowed to flee to “safe spaces” in order to avoid hearing unpleasant ideas in class.

Democrats are so weak in their own views, they have to silence anyone with a better idea. They are terrified of more Americans realizing that Donald Trump is doing well for our country. So, they try to censor conservatives or anyone that is spreading facts on their platforms.

You may not agree with the theories of Alex Jones. But he has a right to speak his mind in this country, the same as anyone else. Where does Apple get off banning him, or anyone else?

Silicon Valley is becoming more and more like Communist China. Google was outed for trying to help the closed country block ideas from its people. And, big surprise, Tim Cook celebrated China’s attempts at censoring information online.

Last December, Cook praised China’s overwhelming control over the internet in the communist country while speaking at a conference in the eastern Chinese city of Wuzhen…

The World Internet Conference held in the eastern Chinese city of Wuzhen is meant to promote China’s vision of “cyber-sovereignty” — the idea that governments all over the world should have the right to control what appears on the Internet in their countries…

But that wasn’t mentioned when Cook delivered a keynote speech on the opening day of the gathering Sunday.

Instead, Cook said that China’s vision for the internet “is a vision we at Apple share.” [Source: The Daily Wire]

Not a big surprise, considering how much Democrats resemble Communists, these days.

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