Arab Migrants Pelt White Girls With Eggs, Return With Something MUCH Worse

Arab Migrants Pelt White Girls With Eggs, Return With Something MUCH Worse
Danish students encountered “multiculturalism” when a group of Arab migrants stormed their graduation parade.

Teen students were parading through the streets to celebrate their graduation when they encountered a group of Arab migrants waiting for them with eggs, flour, and oil. After being pelted by the racist migrants, the students figured the worst was over. However, when the Arabs came back, 2 female students quickly realized their nightmares had just begun.

It is the tradition in Denmark for graduating classes to celebrate their accomplishments by riding around in open vehicles. Almost as a parade, students make their rounds across the city, visiting parents and celebrating their milestones. Unfortunately, what should’ve been an exciting, fun-filled time immediately turned into a living hell.

Ekstra Bladet reports that while students were traveling down the road, a mob of Arab migrants blockaded their route in Copenhagen and began violently pelting them with eggs, flour, cooking oil, and water balloons filled with soap to ruin their graduation uniforms.

“It was the little ones who started throwing eggs and then we cried to the hauler that he should hurry on while we stormed into the wagon,” says Julie Sommer to Ekstra Bladet. “It was awful. We were totally exposed in the open car.”

Arab Migrants Pelt White Girls With Eggs, Return With Something MUCH Worse
Students were pelted with eggs, flour, cooking oil, and soapy water balloons — but that wasn’t the worst of it.

Sadly, the food products were the least of their worries. While hiding under their graduation banners, the students noticed that some of the Muslim protesters left for awhile and returned with squirt guns. Much to their horror, the children’s toys weren’t filled with water.

Nyheder reports that the migrants had filled the squirt guns with acid and sprayed two teen girls in the faces with the corrosive concoction. When their eyes started to burn, the driver rushed to a nearby hospital.

Fortunately, both female students managed to get medical attention before they suffered serious injuries. After rinsing their eyes for an hour, emergency medical staff confirms that they are doing well, considering the circumstances, and will not lose their eyesight.

Other students managed to avoid the acid shots but were subject to a typical Muslim stoning.

“Five young people suddenly began to throw stones at us when we were leaving. We drove toward a traffic light and they followed us when we stopped at a red light. So they threw the stones at us and one of them hit me in the head,” says Manon Pignot.

Pignot managed to escape with minor head injuries and a migraine but still felt the effects the next day.

“Today, I still have a headache and I’m really sore. It is really fortunate that the stone hit the cart first, so it took some of the force,” she says.

Arab Migrants Pelt White Girls With Eggs, Return With Something MUCH Worse
Unlike the 2 Danish students, 15-year-old Nicole Zanlith wasn’t as fortunate when she encountered Muslim migrants. The teen beauty was blinded in one eye after racist migrants slashed her face with a bottle in August 2013.

While we can expect Muslim migrants to stone people and racially abuse religious minorities, as they do in their own countries, the most despicable detail is how the police handled the assaults. Speaking to reporters, Copenhagen Officer Henrik Stormer admitted they sent a patrol car to assist the students but never arrested anyone and don’t plan on it.

“We will not be starting an investigation. […] It is a shame for the students, but we cannot put other peoples lives in danger by sending a patrol car on pursuit through Copenhagen,” says Henrik Stormer to TV2.

The police are actually justifying allowing violent criminals to escape justice because they fear it will only make them angrier and more violent. Contradictory to his pathetic excuse, Stormer and his fellow officers would rather allow these offenders to go assault others. Imagine if they treated every rapist, thug, and murderer this way. Why even have police when they are too afraid to protect the innocent and take this filth off the streets?

As disturbing as it is that migrants from Islamic countries are perpetuating this violence and bigotry in every country they infiltrate, it’s even more appalling that our public servants can’t or won’t do anything about it. Such is the reward for leftist policies and political correctness.

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