Ariana Grande, Anti-American Diva, Overheard Wishing Horrible Fate For Her Fans

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande, a 23-year-old anti-American diva, was overheard saying the unspeakable. She quipped to her lackeys that she wished her fans a fate that is causing the internet to explode. Although Grande isn’t responsible for the Manchester terror attack on her fans, it’s time to take a look at this spoiled celebrity who is known as pro-refugee and anti-Trump, and she needs to desperately rethink what she said. You don’t want to miss this.

Back in 2014, Ariana Grande was caught by an industry insider, saying horrendous things about her fans. The insider told the New York Daily News, “She did autographs and pics for her fans and was all smiles until she got into the elevator. And as soon as the doors shut she said, ‘I hope they all f***ing die.'”

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Following the recent terror attack at her concert, she tweeted that she was “broken,” “sorry,” and “didn’t have words.”

Well, she had words in 2014, and it’s time she understands that although she isn’t to blame for the terrorist attack, she does have to own her words. There is no doubt she is a spoiled brat who up until that Manchester concert thought she could do and say anything because she is rich and famous. But, with that fame comes responsibility because words can have ramifications.

Ariana’s underlings were also reported to have told Australian reporters they were not allowed to ask her about dating, her disastrous Nickelodeon show, a rumored collaboration with Justin Bieber, or, perhaps most bizarrely of all, comparisons to Mariah Carey.

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“She is also said to have been ‘a total nightmare’  in September 2014 at a Stand up to Cancer event in Los Angeles and she refused to have individual snaps taken with fans who had paid $495 to have their photo taken with her,” reports Daily Mail.

Twenty-two people were killed in the blast at the Manchester Arena on Monday night, including an eight-year-old girl and an off-duty female police officer, moments after Ariana Grande finished performing around 10:30 pm. The first victim to be named on Tuesday was college student Georgina Callander. The 18-year-old “superfan” from Whittle-le-Woods in Lancashire had met Ariana Grande in 2015 and had posted excitedly about the moment on Instagram.

Eight-year-old Saffie Rose Roussos from Leyland, Lancashire, is the youngest victim so far. She was caught in the blast after becoming separated from her mother Lisa and sister Ashlee Bromwich. They are both being treated for shrapnel injuries.

Saffie Rose Roussos (left), Georgina Callander with Ariana Grande (right)

Sadly, these images should be haunting Ariana Grande and are hopefully the wake-up call she needs to appreciate the country where she was born. She needs to take a good hard look at who she supports and who will put a stop to the bloodshed. It surely isn’t the liberal politicians who celebrities adore as they donate tons of cash to their campaigns.

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Being famous is a responsibility, especially when you have young hearts and minds that are idolizing you. Ariana Grande also is on video saying, “I hate America,” and that influences young minds too. It’s time she owns her behavior, apologize to her fans, and pray for America. It’s only through the United States that this mayhem and violence can be kept in check. Instead of “hating America,” it’s time Ariana Grande thank God she was born in the land of the free and home of the brave.

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