Arizona Teen Makes Unnerving Find Dangling From Tree Behind Lowe’s Home Improvement Store

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A 15-year-old girl was walking behind a local Lowe’s home improvement store in Arizona when she suddenly stopped in her tracks as something unnerving caught her eye. Off in the distance, she spotted something hanging from a tree and proceeded with caution toward it, horrified by the disturbing find. Now, the community is furious and seeking help in finding answers.

Teen Makes Unnerving Find Dangling From A Tree Behind Home Improvement Store
Stock photo of a tree behind a Lowe’s home improvement store (Photo Credit: Mike Mozart/Flickr)

The young girl thought that it was going to be an ordinary afternoon, but a simple walk quickly took an unsettling turn. As she went for a stroll behind the local Lowe’s in Tucson, Arizona, she stumbled upon a horrific scene, which someone had left hanging from a tree. The culprit had obviously assumed no one would see what they had done until it was too late, but the young girl, who has remained anonymous, walked around the corner just in time.

After the teen had heard an unusual noise coming from behind the building, she decided to go investigate just to be sure, and it’s a good thing that she did. When she turned the corner, she saw something quite disturbing – a whimpering dog had been left for dead and was hanging from a tree.

The teen immediately ran towards the black, mixed-breed dog, climbed up the tree, and freed the animal from the material wrapped around its neck, according to DFW. The girl then immediately called for help, and the dog was promptly taken to Pima Animal Care Center (PACC).

The teenager literally saved this dog’s life. The pup has been placed under observation and is recovering. After the medical team at PACC evaluated the dog’s condition and did an x-ray, they determined that the dog sustained minimal injury from the hanging, according to Arizona Daily Star.

What happened to this dog is infuriating. Someone, with no respect for animals or life in general, grabbed this dog, wrapped some rope-like material around its neck, and left it hanging in a tree to die. The dog was undoubtedly scared, given the fact that it was struggling to breathe and couldn’t reach the ground to save itself.

Unfortunately, an investigation of the scene and review of the security footage failed to turn up any clues in the incident. So, PACC is now seeking the help of the public in identifying and locating the twisted and disgusting person responsible for doing this to an innocent dog.

They are desperate to receive any helpful information in order to bring this person to justice. Anyone with the useful information has been asked to contact PACC’s Investigation Sergeant, Tiffany Foster, at [email protected] People with information to report can also call the 88-CRIME hotline at (520) 882-7463.

People on social media were also furious about what happened. “What kind of sick jerk could do this,” one social media user asked, while another stated, “Only cowards hurt an innocent animal or child! People make me sick!” Yet another social media user chose to instead give credit where it was due, saying, “Bravo to the 15-year-old girl!”

It must have been terrifying for this young girl to have stumbled upon such a horrifying scene. However, as a result of her curiosity and gut instinct, this dog is now safe from harm and hopefully going to live a long and healthy life as someone’s beloved pet.

There is no excuse for someone to harm an animal. If you feel so much anger and hate in your life that you want to murder an innocent and helpless animal, you need help. Dogs are meant to be “man’s best friend” for a reason and should never be put in a situation like this.

People can be sick, but thankfully, there are more people, like the heroic young girl, who know it’s best to do the right thing. Hopefully, with the help of the public, the individual responsible for this sick act will be facing the repercussions of their actions soon.