Arkansas Thug Breaks Into Man’s Home, Fed-Up Victim Delivers Brutal Instant Justice

A homeowner in Arkansas recently came face to face with an intruder who had broken into his home in the middle of the night. When the thug threatened him with a knife, the fed-up victim delivered brutal instance justice.

Screenshot from live video footage at the scene of the crime (background), Todd Byrns (inset) (Photo Credits: KFSM, Crawford County Sheriff’s Office)

It’s often said that criminals are dumb. One such idiot in Crawford County, Arkansas only added to that stereotype by breaking into the home of a man he should have never crossed paths with. People in the South simply have a different way of dealing with thugs, and it usually doesn’t end up very good for the “uninvited guest.”

According to local news source KFSM, the home invasion took place at approximately 3 a.m. on Wednesday, June 6, 2018, at a residence in the 2700 block of Clear Creek Road near Kibler. Deputies from Crawford County Sheriff’s Department responded to a break-in call after an armed homeowner came face to face with an intruder and decided to show him the rough side of southern hospitality.

The homeowner was initially alerted to the intruder by his home alarm system. Before he went to investigate, the homeowner grabbed his shotgun. According to police, the homeowner was concerned about the three loaded firearms he kept in his garage.

Deputies said that the homeowner found the suspect who was later identified as 47-year-old Todd Byrns when he opened the door to his detached garage. The moment the homeowner confronted the thug, he was threatened with a knife and then wrestled with the suspect according to local news source KNWA. Investigators said that the homeowner was able to break free from the suspect before the man fled his garage. The homeowner reportedly fired a warning shot, and when he feared that the suspect was going to enter the front door to his home, he shot him in the head.

When deputies arrived at the residence, they found that the Byrns had escaped on foot even with a gunshot wound to the head. The suspect had reportedly run back down the road to a vehicle where a female acquaintance was waiting for him. The woman with Byrns called 911 after seeing that he had been shot in the head. A short time later, Byrns was taken to Washington Regional Medical Center in Fayetteville where he was reportedly in stable condition.

Investigators said that Byrns and the woman were traveling across the country and when they couldn’t afford to pay the fee at a local campground, they decided to steal fuel from a local residence to continue on their journey. This is when Byrns picked the wrong house to steal from.

One of the homeowner’s neighbors spoke with KFSM and said, “I feel sorry for him because if you think about it, anybody who comes up and tries to steal something from you, I feel sorry for him because he had to do what he did. And like I said, he’s a good man and he’s doing what I think is right,” said Carl Newman.

Todd Byrns, a convicted felon is now facing multiple charges after deputies found several guns in his getaway car. In my opinion, Byrns is very lucky to have come out of this mess alive. He may be even uglier than before after the shotgun wound to his head heals up.

The homeowner did what any law-abiding and protective American would have done. He protected his life and those in his home. Despite how the mainstream media may try to vilify this homeowner, the truth is that Byrns is the only person responsible for what happened because he’s the idiot who tried to steal what didn’t belong to him.

Once again the 2nd Amendment pulls its own weight. An Arkansas homeowner is safe after finding an intruder in his garage who was not welcome at his home. If the homeowner hadn’t been armed, it’s very likely that he would have been the one who went to the hospital or worse. In the end, the homeowner sent the intruder running scared with a little reminder of how crime doesn’t pay.

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