WATCH: Armed Antifa Punk Taunts Trump Supporters, Gets Brutal Dose Of Instant Karma

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It’s not every day that we get to see an Antifa punk truly getting what they deserve. Epic video footage which recently emerged out of Portland, Oregon, shows one of the lawless thugs taunting Trump supporters while running into traffic. Now, it’s gone viral after the degenerate received instant brutal karma, and rightfully so.

Screenshots from the video footage (Photo Credits: YouTube/The Common Sense Conservative)

According to The Gateway Pundit, the shocking incident took place on Saturday, December 23, 2017, in Portland, Oregon. Holding a Patriot Prayer rally for Jesus, the day had gone well for the Christian marchers.  However, Antifa had decided to also hold an event – a drive to gather donations.

Shockingly Patriot Prayer members even donated to Antifa’s event to show their goodwill. Patriot Prayer members were sure it was for things like clothing and blankets and not things Antifa could use as a weapon to throw at them.  The two groups were far apart, and everything seemed to be going fine. Then, four Antifa members with noisemakers made the decision to come to the Patriot Prayer rally and try to stop it. They were trying to drown out the singer at the event as she was singing “Hallelujah.”

When a couple of Trump supporters confronted one of the punks, the crazy commenced. The Antifa hooligans ran from the rally as one of them taunted the Trump supporters on the sidewalk. “Get rid of your weapon, get rid of your weapon,” one Trump supporter can be heard telling the Antifa punk at the beginning of the clip. “Yeah, he’s got a weapon right there,” the Trump supporter added.

As the punk darted out into traffic, one of the comrades across the street said, “I’m right over here, you can come and get me if you want.” That’s when a pickup truck slammed into the thug, sending the punk flying. Cheers could be heard coming from the Trump supporters who were obviously happy with the outcome of the confrontation. It’s not very often that one of the Antifa thugs get what they deserve, especially in Portland, where the liberal politicians keep police from doing their jobs.

It didn’t take long for the Antifa scum to go on social media and blame the Trump supporters for the incident. The individual who got hit by the truck posted the following message to a Facebook page called “Refuse Fascism PDX” along with a photo of their self-inflicted injury from running into traffic.

Screenshot of photo uploaded to Facebook (Photo Credit: The Gateway Pundit)

“Patriot Prayer pushed me into the street and I had no choice but to run, was smacked by a truck retreating from mace and a lot of huge Proud Boys, just minutes after we expressed our leftist views, we were being pursued by the very people that just claimed to be about peace. They were smiling and cheering it and you’ll see when the footage surfaces that they essentially force me out onto the streets. I have been demasked by Portland police under threat of arrest. Here is a photo of the injuries.”

The only problem with this punk’s account of what happened is that it’s all a lie. Thankfully, what actually happened was caught on video and the clip clearly shows that none of the Trump supporters chased this idiot into traffic. In addition to proving the punk’s story to be false, a knife can be seen attached to the back of their belt.

The administrators of the “Refuse Fascism PDX” apparently disagreed with the story put out by the punk who was hit by the truck and issued the following statement when they removed the accusatory post:

“A post was made today blaming Patriot Prayer for the injury that an activist took at today’s Christian March. After reviewing the video evidence, we do not find Patriot Prayer / Joey Gibson accountable for the accident. It was very unfortunate that it occurred either way. We wish our comrade a swift recovery.”

What their comrade deserves is some time in jail. After watching the clip, I’m reminded of how truly stupid many of the Antifa hooligans are. However, sometimes karma takes the wheel.

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