Army Veteran Stops On Side Of Road, Goes Viral After What Truck Driver’s Seen Doing Next

Driving on a major highway can be unpredictable. You never know what might happen or what might happen to you. The enormous trucks that shuttle our goods dominate the roads. Recently, one of those trucks, driven by veteran Bradley Faulkner, suddenly pulled over to the side of the road. Drivers were stunned as the man jumped out of his vehicle. What was going on? Was he in danger? What they saw him do, however, was completely unexpected, and now, it is going viral.

What this trucker driver did on the side of the road went viral. (Photo Credit: KOMUnews/Flickr/Kristen Collins/Facebook)

It is widely believed by Americans that veterans don’t get enough respect in our country. That’s largely true. After serving overseas, many of them have trouble reintegrating into normal life. Something as simple as getting a job can be a struggle. Many veterans suffer physical and mental injuries. They often have a hard time getting the medical care they need.

There are those veterans who, against all odds, fight their way back. Bradley Faulkner is one of them. After serving his country in the Army, he got a job as a truck driver, but he never forgot his connection to the Armed Forces. Nor did he forget the patriotism and commitment that compelled him to serve.

One day while driving on the highway, he felt the urge to pull over. Jumping out of his cab, he stood by his truck. What was he doing? He put his hand over his heart and offered his respect, as a funeral procession passed by. It was the funeral procession for a WWII veteran, who was finally being laid to rest.

The granddaughter of the WWII vet captured the moment on her phone. The image has gone viral, inspiring Americans across the country.

A trucker’s patriotic salute along a Missouri highway went viral over the weekend, Jillian Mele reported Monday morning on “Fox & Friends.”

The driver of the semi-truck, U.S. Army veteran Bradley Faulkner, pulled to the shoulder of I-70, got out of the cab and placed his hand over his heart as a fellow veteran’s funeral procession passed. [Source: Fox News]

It was a seemingly simple moment, a gesture by Faulkner that he didn’t think twice about. However, it meant the world to the family of the WWII veteran. His granddaughter snapped the picture and posted it on Facebook, where it quickly gained attention. She went as far as tracking the man down to show her appreciation.

The deceased WWII veteran’s granddaughter snapped the photo of Faulkner and posted her gratitude on Facebook.

“While in the funeral procession today to Jefferson barracks to lay my grandfather to rest a man driving a truck pulled off and made honor as we all proceeded. Thank you for showing such great honor – I found and got to personally thank this man!!” Kristen Collins wrote.

Collins said she later connected with Faulkner, who served in Iraq, after his wife saw the photo.

Fred Ladage was laid to rest at age 91 at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery. Ladage was married 61 years, having served in the Navy and Navy Reserves in WWII. [Source: Fox News]

While in the funeral procession today to Jefferson barracks to lay my grandfather to rest a man driving a truck pulled…

Posted by Kristen Collins on Friday, January 5, 2018

2018 is already shaping up to be a tumultuous year. Our enemies – at home and abroad – won’t let us rest for one moment. They want us upset, scared, and stressed out. It’s very easy for us to forget about the values and traditions that bind all Americans together. This single moment of kindness by a stranger touched many people’s hearts. It is a reminder that we are all Americans, regardless of our differences.

It also reminds us to show appreciation for the men and women who serve this country. They invested their lives so that we can enjoy peace. Many of them never make it home. Those who do, often have to face hardships just to get by. This single act of respect should become a symbol of our concern for every last veteran. They deserve our gratitude and support.