Entitled Ashley Judd Wants Guy Fired For Compliment, Gets Put In Her Place By Real Women

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Liberals are always taking things to shocking levels in their attempts to implement their view of “political correctness” into societal law. Proving just that was famed actress Ashley Judd who posted a video demanding a man be fired after he complimented her – but that’s about the time things blew up in her face as real women everywhere put the entitled brat in her place with a brutal reply.

Entitled Ashley Judd Wants Guy Fired For Compliment, Then Real Women Put Brat In Her Place
Ashley Judd (Photo Source: Screengrab from Facebook video)

There’s no shortage of ignorance or the entitlement mindset when it comes to the left, but the worst part is, they don’t seem to mind showing it off. In fact, Ashley Judd just showed the world her ignorance when she took to Facebook Live in order to vent about someone giving her a compliment.

As it turns out, the famous celebrity was at an airport over the weekend when the most awful thing in the world happened – someone gave her a compliment. Of course, that wouldn’t be viewed as negative to any normal folk, but to a social justice warrior like Judd, well, it was completely unacceptable.

“I was coming through security and a guy said, ‘Hey sweetheart,’” she recalled during the clip. “And I said, ‘I’m not your sweetheart. I am your client.’” She wasn’t done there as she then went on to say, “Then when I was setting my things out he said, ‘Hey nice dress.’” The man also had the nerve to “touch” her amid the series of events which set Judd off completely.

Posted by Ashley Judd on Saturday, August 5, 2017

Sadly, the actress flagged down a manager in hopes of getting the guy fired, even though all he was doing was trying to be nice. In a later video, she said that she eventually received an apology from the man’s boss. However, not everyone was so willing to cave to her insanity.

Although she thought she was going to be lauded around the Internet as a hero, she would soon come to find out that she was sorely mistaken. In fact, just as quickly as the video went up, real women from across this country came forward to put the entitled brat in her place by slapping her with some pretty brutal replies, according to BizPac Review.

You are truly what’s wrong with America!!” Heather Audis wrote. “Idiot liberals like you find something to be offended about every single day! Being nice is now offensive! You need to get a life! You really are a nasty woman!

You’re part of the problem as to why chivalry is dying. There is no problem with someone giving a compliment. Get real. Not everybody wants you,” Natalie Gebhard said bluntly. “Prayers for the fella you needlessly tried to get in trouble.” The non-stop influx of negative comments only continued from there.

Sadly, both of these women are right. The left wants to get offended over how everyone acts and what they say, and they don’t understand that their ideology is imploding right before their eyes. At first, their goal was for everyone to be nice to each other, but now, you can’t even do that.

Although Ashley Judd can pretend that she knows what it’s like to be an everyday American, that’s just not the case. Of course, coming off as entitled only makes her look so much worse. Maybe she should just stick to what she’s good at, keep her mouth shut, and entertain the public. She couldn’t be any further away from understanding ordinary life as an American, so it’s best she stop acting like it.