Idiot Ashley Judd Blames LV Shooting On Cops In America, Gets Brutal Reality Check

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We knew the Hollywood crowd would be going nuts, blaming guns for the horrendous mass shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada. No one expected cops in America to be blamed, but leave it to Ashley Judd to make that a reality. Who can forget how she made Americans sick with her “nasty women” speech? Now, she is at it again, spewing more liberal nonsense on mass shootings and declaring why cops are to blame. Luckily, she got hit with a dose of reality that she won’t forget.

Ashley Judd (left), Las Vegas Police Officer at Mandalay Bay shooting (right) (Photo Credit: Screengrab/YouTube, Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Ashley Judd might have turned out normal if she had been her sister, Wynonna. Blessed with a thinner frame and a penchant for acting, Ashley made it big in Hollywood in the 1990s. Coming from a family of country singers, you’d think she would have some common sense and empathy about the Las Vegas massacre. Well, you can forget about it, and she is only getting worse with her nonsense.

We have all seen a fair amount of the ludicrous commentary on the Las Vegas shooting. “If only guns were illegal mass shootings would never happen” is the kind of nonsense we expect from the leftist nutjobs. The comparison to that remark is “If only heroin was illegal there would be no heroin addicts,” but somehow, these anti-gun liberals miss the point — it’s not the gun nor the heroin that’s the problem, it’s the human beings using them.

You can argue until you are blue in the face, but they seem to not grasp fallen human nature or evil in the world. So it is with Ms. Judd, who posted a tweet of a Huffington Post article called, “Forcing Domestic Abusers To Surrender Guns Could Save Lives, But Most States Don’t Do It,” saying, “Been waiting for this connection to mass shootings to surface today.”

Most people don’t think domestic violence when a mass shooting happens. Domestic violence is very personal as it happens between relatives, where mass shooting victims are usually random. But, that’s not the really crazy part. The Huffington Post article gets into gun confiscation. It complains, “Women who obtain restraining orders are at particularly high risk for partner violence, given that fear of violence (often created by threatened or actual violence) typically motivates the desire for a protective order.”

Just how is this related to mass shootings? It’s not, but there’s more. It advocates that law enforcement officers are negligent by not immediately going and rounding up the guns of men who have been named in a restraining order. It’s implying that somehow the world will be safe from mass shootings if guns are immediately – without proof of any wrongdoing – confiscated by cops who are called to a scene where the woman accuses her man of being abusive.

This is so off topic, and notice in the article, it’s only for women, which is pretty sexist if you ask me. Can’t women shoot guns and abuse their partner too? If a police officer sees that a woman is in danger, they will immediately arrest the man, even if the woman says no. If there is a restraining order in place, most states already have laws where firearms are taken away. So, not only does the article make no sense, Judd’s so-called connection is a bunch of malarkey.

Law enforcement officers do the best job they can. Domestic violence and mass shootings are two different animals. Pointing to that article as having a prime “connection” that somehow fits is crazy, and implying cops are to blame for not randomly confiscating guns in any situation makes no sense at all. But, liberals don’t make sense because they base everything they believe on how something makes them feel, like a two-year-old. Poor Ashley Judd, she just never grew up.

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