After Ashley Judd Awarded Time’s ‘Person Of Year,’ She Gets Slapped By ‘Nasty Surprise’

Ashley Judd has just been named as one of Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year” for 2017. Judd appears on the coveted cover along with four other women who came forward accusing men of sexual harassment. A rabid hater of President Donald Trump, Judd is infamous for her “I am a nasty woman” screeching speech. Well, immediately after she was named “Person of the Year,” she got slapped hard by a “nasty surprise.”

Time Magazine cover “Person of the Year” 2017 (left), Ashley Judd (right) (Photo Credit: Karen Civil/Twitter, YouTube/Screengrab)

So, what qualifies Ashley Judd to be Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year,” even if she is sharing it with other women who came forward accusing men of sexual harassment? It’s all politics as the ultra-liberal Time Magazine is known to use the “Person of the Year” award to push the hardcore leftist agenda, and this year is no different.

Don’t be fooled, sexual harassment is no laughing matter, but there are a few problems with Ashley Judd’s inclusion, and then, there is the real reason Time Magazine is jumping on board with the #MeToo campaign that has rocked celebrities and politicians who were outed as sexual predators.

Time Magazine’s article features Susan Fowler, a former Uber engineer, and next to her picture, in all caps and huge font, it reads, “WHEN TRUMP WON THE ELECTION, I FELT A CRUSHING SENSE OF POWERLESSNESS. AND THEN I REALIZED THAT I HAD TO DO SOMETHING.”

The whole article bashes Trump and Republicans, saying GOP politicians are more likely to be abusers. Don’t you just love liberal logic? How can you politicize sexual abuse? Well, if that’s the game they are playing, it’s hilarious since most of the abusers we know about are Democrats.

As for Judd’s story on her “sexual harassment” claims against Harvey Weinstein, it’s something that happened 20 years ago. She never came forward until others, like actress Rose McGowan, had the guts to be one of the first. The other problem is her story, in which she admits she offered Weinstein sex “to make him go away.”

If Judd would have come forward twenty years ago, who knows how many women would have been saved from his sick clutches? Page Six reports, “The newly revealed encounter with the sleazy cinema honcho came 20 years ago while Judd was filming ‘Kiss the Girls.’ She agreed to meet him at a Beverly Hills hotel for a ‘business appointment,’ but he insisted she come up to his room.”

Page Six adds, “Once there, he pushed her for a massage and then asked her to watch him take a shower, the actress said. ‘I fought with this volley of no’s, which he ignored,’ Judd said. ‘Who knows? Maybe he heard them as maybe. Maybe he heard them as yeses. Maybe they turned him on.'”

“I knew it was disgusting,” she told ABC News. “And if I could go back retrospectively with a magic wand and say . . . ‘I wish I could prevent it for anyone always.’ And, no, I don’t know that I would have been believed. And who was I to tell?”

Well, she was a major A-list actress back then. Her career was hot, and she was considered to be one of the top box office draws in the late 1990s.  I don’t believe in “victim shaming, ” but I don’t buy that she did not come forward over “fear of not being believed.” Judd would have been believed, but if Weinstein stayed in power, she could have lost lucrative deals.

Funny, why is it Al Franken’s accuser LeeAnn Tweeden was not included in Time Magazine’s article? Well, that’s because she doesn’t hate President Donald Trump and outed one the of the darlings of the Democratic Party.

Half of America can’t stand Judd for her reaction to Trump’s presidency. The 49-year-old actress was a leader of the feminazis’ “Women’s March,” which was just a Trump hate-fest with screaming celebrities like Madonna wanting to “blow up the White House.”

Judd’s screeching speech, “I am a nasty woman,” was truly cringe-worthy, and we can’t forget the whole debacle over “Muslim women have more rights than American women,” tweet that Ashley posted. Well, Americans slapped Judd with a nasty surprise after she made that Time Magazine cover.

“Ashley Judd? Really? Do some drugs, go batsh*t crazy, get on a microphone and insanely rant against women’s rights while knowing the industry you work in is one of the biggest culprits in sexual assaults- Woman of the Year,” posted Twitter user Steve Warbucks.

Another reaction to “nasty woman” Ashley making the cover,  tweeted Dennis Olsen, read, “At one time Ashley Judd was one of my favorite actresses. Then she became ‘a nasty woman.’ Trump supporters did not hurt her career…she did. Period. Almost half the country voted for Trump…she offended US, not President Trump…what did she think would happen.”

Poor Ashely Judd, many Americans are not happy with her big award from Time Magazine. That’s what happens when you spit on the president and scream like a lunatic about your “private parts,” telling the world how you are a “nasty woman.” She got a nasty surprise from the American people who don’t appreciate her leftist hate. She will never be a “Person of the Year” to those of us who love our country and believe we are blessed to live in the greatest nation on earth.

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