Ashley Judd’s NUTS, Says Women Better Off In Muslim Country For 1 Reason

Ashley Judd (left), stock image of Muslim women (right)

Feminazi Ashley Judd is making a fool out of herself again, and this time, she is trying to educate American women. Judd is getting a lot of heat for her recent comments, alleging that women would be better off living in a Middle Eastern country. After she shared her one reason for believing this, you’re going to love how Americans blasted her for her ludicrous thinking.

Ashley Judd is getting roasted on Twitter after she posted an article titled “No, equal rights for women aren’t in the Constitution. Could Rep. Speier change that?” It’s a liberal hit piece, but what caught Ms. Judd’s eye was the author’s ridiculous conclusion that women were better off in Burundi, Serbia, and Iraq.

The article claims that those countries have an equal rights amendment, so, of course, women are treated much better there than in America. It’s so laughable when you consider Iraq and what it’s like for women living there. You’d think Judd would have paused and thought about that one Muslim country and quickly realized how women have no rights.

Twitchy reports, ” This chick (a Democrat) thinks women are more equal in Iraq. Right? Forget that our Constitution treats Americans as individuals and not as men or women … Ashley Judd and feminists like her don’t want to be EQUAL, they want to be SPECIAL. Women are not a protected class.”

This is based on the feminazis, demanding for years, that women in America aren’t treated “equal” because we don’t have an equal rights amendment. Of course, we don’t need an equal rights amendment since all Americans, regardless of gender, have the same rights.

Our Constitution is considered the model for every other Republic, but don’t tell Ashley Judd, she is languishing in her feminist delusions. Americans blasted her back, overwhelmingly agreeing that she is the one who needs some schooling.

The problem with demanding that men and women be treated as “equal” is something the hardcore feminists don’t understand. Men and women aren’t equal. Men tend to be physically stronger than women. Women can have babies, men can’t. Therefore, we aren’t equal, but that is different from one gender being superior or better than the other.

Under our Constitution, we are given the same rights, so women don’t need a special amendment, and most people will agree that women living in America are privileged and have more freedom and opportunity than any other country in the world. We all know women in Muslim countries or third world countries suffer in ways which privileged American feminazis like Ashley Judd can’t fathom and refuse to acknowledge.

Ashley Judd is like every other idiot liberal feminist who lives in the best country in the world but continues to push some crazy “women don’t have equal rights” in America agenda. It’s laughable and no wonder they are such desperately unhappy man-haters. They are just following the example of the 1960’s Hillary Clinton-era feminazis that came before them.

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