WATCH: Attractive Blonde Thinks She’s Getting In Uber Car, Gets Horrific Surprise Instead

Video has emerged out of Los Angeles, California, where an attractive blonde jumped into a car that pulled up to the curb, thinking it was the Uber ride that she had ordered. Now, the clip has gone viral after the woman got a horrific surprise for paying more attention to her live stream than who’s car she just jumped into.

Screenshots of the live footage (left & right), Caroline Burt (inset) (Photo Credits: YouTube/KevinSavageNews, Twitter/Caroline Burt)

Technology is a wonderful thing, but as Caroline Burt recently found out, it’s just as important for a person to pay attention to what is going on in the real world as it is to watch what’s happening in the online world. Burt, who was live streaming her evening over the Twitch app, regularly shares her daily experiences with over twelve-thousand followers, according to Crave Online. This time, she wasn’t really paying attention, and it could have gone so much worse than it did.

Why people are fascinated with watching another person stream their everyday moments is beyond me. In this case, this incessant need to live stream might have been the reason Burt ended up in the scary situation, to begin with.

However, it could also be the reason she is still alive. After what was captured, the clip from Burt’s Twitch stream is quickly spread all over the internet, and once you realize the horrific surprise she got instead of the Uber ride she intended, it’s easy to understand why.

The footage begins with Burt greeting who she thinks is an Uber driver. “I can get in the front, hi there,” she said. Immediately, the man driving the vehicle notices that Burt’s smartphone is pointed at her face and his. With a little anxiety in his voice, he asks her to turn it off, but Burt responds, “It’s just a live stream, I’m not recording a video.”

As the clip, which was also uploaded to Kulturehub, continues, the driver still seems uncomfortable with any camera being pointed at him and insists, “Ok, but if you can turn it off though.” However, Burt isn’t about to cut her viewers off and tells the driver that she can’t because “it’s like a live, a livestream, it’s not recording, don’t worry it’s not recording or anything.”

The man, still unhappy with Burt’s answers, seems creepily annoyed over the live stream and asks, “So, what is it doing?” Burt assures him she is just talking to her friends at that point. The driver stops insisting the camera be turned off, but then starts asking Burt a few questions that an Uber driver really shouldn’t be concerned with — and that’s when she receives a nasty surprise and realizes her big mistake.

First of all, Burt is in Los Angeles and has no clue yet that the man who just picked her up from the side of the road thinks that she is a prostitute and that they are driving somewhere to have sex in exchange for money. Burt tells the man that she is exploring Los Angeles and that’s why her friends are watching over the live stream.

At this point, the driver may have come to the understanding that Burt is not a prostitute and is looking for a way to act normal, asking, “How was your night?” Burt tells the man her night was going “good” as the two exchanged names while Burt still seems oblivious to what’s really going on.

A moment later, Burt asks the driver, who identified himself as Sebastian, “You were looking for Caroline right?” Sebastian replies that he was and asks where she’s visiting from. Burt tells Sebastian she’s from Washington, D.C., but that she lives in Los Angeles — and that’s about the time the bulb turns on in Burt’s head.

Finally realizing something isn’t right, she then asks, “Are you an Uber?” and after his response, Sebastian is going to have some explaining to do when his family sees the footage. As most viewers figured out by this point, he’s not, which begs the question why is he picking up strange women along the street. We all know the answer.

As it finally occurred to Burt that Sebastian was not an Uber when he confirmed her worst fear, she demanded, “Oh my God, drop me off!” The next time Burt is waiting for an Uber and live streaming at the same time, it might be a good idea to ask the driver to provide identification before getting in the vehicle. Los Angeles is a pretty crazy place and a mistake like this could have easily ended much worse for Burt.

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