Health & Science

Trump Drops Historic Bombshell On Liberal Alarmists & Leaves Them Fuming HOT

One of the things true patriots love about President Donald  Trump is his ability to enrage the left. A simple comment, a short tweet, can send them into a spiral of insanity. It’s one of his best skills. On a regular basis, he humiliates his dishonest critics with a strong dose of the truth. This week was no different. He took to Twitter to slam liberals for their obsession with global warming. What he said will no doubt have them fuming hot. […]

Cops & Criminals

Crook Tries To Steal Truck — Should Have Taken A Closer Look Inside First

Crime surges this time of year. With the hustle and bustle of shopping and travel, criminals go to work. They hope you are too busy and distracted to keep yourself safe. That’s what one father discovered the day after Christmas, when a man tried to steal his truck. However, that crook should have taken a closer look inside before picking that particular truck to steal. When the carjacker got a closer look, what he saw sent him fleeing. […]


Major Television Company Makes BIG Announcement After Receiving Gift From Trump

This year has been full of winning. The supporters of President Donald Trump have not been disappointed. Each day, we learn about another victory achieved by a man the left could not destroy. The year closed out with a historic tax cut that will benefit all Americans. Yet, liberals continue to complain. Well, here’s another thing they can complain about: a major television station owner made a startling announcement. They’re jumping on the Trump train in a yuge way! […]

U.S. News

Israel Responds To Trump’s Declaration With ‘Immortal’ Gift That Has Liberals Fuming

Recently, President Donald Trump made good on his campaign promise concerning Israel. Despite massive pressure from other nations, he acknowledged Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. In addition, he announced plans to move the American embassy to the city. This has outraged supporters of Palestinians and other hateful groups, but in thanks to Trump’s promise, Israel is planning to make the man immortal. […]


Bernie Sanders Is Asked About President Trump’s Tax Cuts, What He Says Will Stun You

Ah, Uncle Bernie. It warms my heart every time I see his face. Not because he’s a good legislator or leader, but because he can’t help but expose his own hypocrisy. Recently, though, he was asked about the GOP’s historic tax cut bill. When asked about President Donald Trump’s tax cuts on the middle class, Bernie Sanders had one thing to say — and it will shock you. […]


Pop Singer Lorde Trashes Israel, Roseanne Barr Puts Her in Her Place With Just 3 Words

To many folks who grew up in the 90’s, Roseanne was a household fixture. Her television show entertained millions around America. Today, she is perhaps even more notable for her outspoken opinions online. When pop star Lorde recently insulted Israel, Roseanne had an answer for her — and all it took was 3 words to put Lorde in her place. Boy, will that singer regret what she did! […]


Meryl Streep Slandered Trump For Months, But Americans Just Sent Her A Nasty Surprise

Hollywood celebrities have been bashing President Donald Trump since day one. These entitled liberals never cease in their arrogant tirades. Perhaps most notable is Meryl Streep, who called out the President before millions of TV viewers. However, after so many months of attacks, the once beloved actress is feeling the pain. Americans have spoken, and they’re not pleased. […]