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Ted Cruz Asked Bernie Sanders This One Question, The Answer Is Surprising

I’m sure many of you thought that you were done hearing about Bernie Sanders. After losing the Democratic Primary to Hillary Clinton, many of us hoped that would be the end of Uncle Bernie’s blather. It seems that he’s even more determined to warp the minds of young people with his toxic politics, but people weren’t expecting one particular response from him after being asked one question from Ted Cruz recently. […]

Political Opinion

Bad News For Barack After Another Obama Appointee Lands In Hot Water

Following in the wake of numerous others, yet another Obama-era appointee is facing charges. It seems like, the more we uncover the behavior of people under our former President, the more we discover dishonest, corrupt, and dangerous individuals. It’s starting to make people wonder, how many more people like them are out there? This certainly isn’t good news for Barack Obama and his “legacy.” […]

Social Issues

ISIS Is Suffering Embarrassing Defeat Thanks To Masking Tape, Water Bottles, & Batteries

The terrorist network known as ISIS continues to attack people around the world. Despite their claims, they are rapidly losing ground in Syria and Iraq, and their major headquarters are being liberated as we speak. However, when the day comes where ISIS is finally defeated, their loss won’t just be attributed to advanced weaponry and tactics. As it turns out, this terrorist network is getting beat by some surprisingly simple methods. […]


Eminem Attacks Trump In Vile Rap, Forgets One Thing As He Gives Fans An Ultimatum

We may never know why celebrities think that we care about their opinions. These well-paid, incredibly famous hacks think that — because we enjoy their movies or music — they have the right to tell us what to do, but when they learn we don’t blindly follow them, they reveal their true colors as spoiled, hateful babies. That is exactly what’s happening right now to infamous rapper Eminem after he attacked his own fans over President Donald Trump, forgetting one thing as he issued an ultimatum. […]

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Parents Furious After They See How Liberal Teacher Mentions Trump On Sick Quiz

When parents discovered one of the answers to a quiz mentioning President Donald Trump, they became outraged. The incident is another example of how radically liberal educators are trying to turn students against conservative leadership and values. When you see the quiz question and answer, you’ll be disgusted by the obvious indoctrination taking place in American schools. […]

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Shop Posts Nazi Billboard Of Trump In Conservative Town, Learn Big Mistake Too Late

A liberal shop owner used her platform to slam the President of the United States by posting a Nazi picture of Donald Trump on a billboard to promote her business. The shocking image was a major insult to the leader of the Free World. It was even more shocking that she hung up the billboard in a small, conservative town. Now, she is learning what a huge mistake she’s made way too late. […]