One Year After Trump’s Historic Election Win, Here’s His List Of Iconic Accomplishments

One year ago today, if you were voting for then-candidate Donald Trump, you woke up with the vibe that it was Christmas morning. The excitement and atmosphere were incredible. A lot of Trumpians were nervous as well, with the “Hillary is going to win easily” narrative from the mainstream media, but later that night, Trump pulled off what they said he never would. It’s now been a year since Donald Trump won the election, so let’s take a look at what he’s accomplished so far since that historic election. […]


EXPOSED: CNN Gives Employees Disturbing Directive On How To Handle Donna Brazile

Leftist outlets are in a downright panic after Donna Brazile came forward to expose Hillary Clinton and the DNC for rigging the primary election against Bernie Sanders. In hopes of doing damage control, CNN was busted giving their employees a disturbing directive on how to handle Brazile, and it should be enough to leave any viewers they have left with their blood boiling. […]

Gun Rights

Reporter Corners Trump On ‘Extreme Vetting’ For Guns, Misses What We Should Be Focusing On

On Tuesday, during a joint press conference in Seoul, alongside South Korean President Moon Jae-in, a reporter asked President Donald Trump if he would consider “extreme vetting” for people trying to buy guns, not just people entering the United States. President Trump said that “extreme vetting” for the ownership of firearms wouldn’t have prevented the Texas church massacre that left 26 dead but could have left “hundreds more dead” if gun control was stricter. The president is right, and there’s something else we should be focusing on right now besides gun control. […]


As Massive Evidence & Blatant Lies Exposed By Brazile, Hillary Proves She’s In Panic Mode

After all of the bombshells that former Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chair Donna Brazile dropped last week, the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton has responded and also gave an excuse. With the massive evidence and blatant lies being exposed by Brazile, the Clinton camp’s outlandish excuse for the Brazile news proves that Hillary is in panic mode as her downfall inches closer. You don’t want to miss this. […]


Newsweek Displays Blatant Racism, Thinks It’s Funny To Say ‘Behead White People’

The war on white people continues, and this time it’s coming from leftist publication Newsweek. Not only did they happen to defend a domestic terrorist organization, they also think there’s no problem whatsoever with joking about murdering white people by beheading. You can’t even make this stuff up, and it will leave you shocked to see the blatant racism being spewed by the media. […]


As Frustration Towards Sessions Grows, Trump Is Close To Delivering Nasty Surprise

On Thursday, President Donald Trump told WMAL host Larry O’Connor that he was “very frustrated” that he can’t tell the Justice Department what to do. This is coming after the latest revelations about Donna Brazile’s exposing of Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party. Like much of America, it seems the President’s frustrations with Attorney General Jeff Sessions are growing, and he could be close to delivering a nasty surprise. Here’s what we know. […]