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Trump Hating, Anti-Gun Liberal Murders Mom, Details Gruesome Crime On Facebook

A liberal activist described, in horrid detail, how he murdered his mother and his friend. Casey James Lawhorn, 23, has a Facebook profile full of anti-Trump, pro-Black Lives Matter, and gun control propaganda. The most chilling thing on his profile is the manifesto he wrote, describing the murders which appeared to have no motive other than his desire to know what it felt like to murder someone. […]

Political Opinion

VIDEO: Trump Advisor Navarro Destroys ‘Sleepy Eyes’ Chuck Todd In Brutal Fashion

“Sleepy eyes” Chuck Todd was at it again on Sunday, using his platform on “Meet The Press” to attack President Donald Trump and his White House staff. Toward the end of his interview with White House trade advisor Peter Navarro, Todd mentioned a Washington Post story that said Chief of Staff John Kelly was considering quitting and asked for a comment. Big Mistake. […]