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Shocking Video Of YouTube Shooter Exposes Everything Liberal Media Got Wrong

The liberal media has again found itself spreading fake news, proclaiming that the person who shot up the YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, California on Tuesday was a “white woman” with a “scarf on her head.” After the suspect was named and her picture was shown later in the day, the narrative had been destroyed, but that wasn’t the only thing they got wrong. […]


Roseanne Destroys Writer Who Called Her Fans Racists & Accused Her Of Using Them

Writer Jared Yates Sexton is angry with the reboot of “Roseanne” because he thinks that it “ignores the very real racism of many white working-class families.” If you are white, working class, and voted for President Donald Trump, Sexton is saying that it is likely that you are a racist. As anyone should expect, the show’s star, Roseanne Barr, fired back as only she can. […]

Political Opinion

CJ Pearson Destroys David Hogg After Laura Ingraham Attack: ‘Sit Down & Shut Up!’

Teenage conservative activist CJ Pearson just destroyed the Democrat’s new gun grabbing poster boy David Hogg in an epic video. Pearson took Hogg to school after the 17-year-old Parkland school shooting survivor called for an advertiser boycott of Fox News host Laura Ingraham’s show because she said he was whining about not being accepted to the colleges he wanted. […]

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Putin Unleashes Hellfire As He Tests New ‘Satan 2’ Nuclear Missile, Issues Warning

Russia is not a friend to the United States, no matter what rhetoric Democrats push about the nonexistent collusion between the former Soviet Union and President Donald Trump’s campaign. Now, with tensions as high as they have been since the Cold War, Russian President Vladimir Putin has tested a new nuclear missile that could cause unprecedented destruction if it were ever unleashed. Even its name is terrifying. […]

Political Opinion

Brother Of Sandy Hook Victim Crushes Gun Grabbers Who Want ‘All or Nothing’

Ever since the horrific Parkland school shooting on Valentine’s Day, the mainstream media has been beating the drum of the far-left gun grabbing narrative, even invoking the names of the victims of the Sandy Hook school shooting tragedy in 2012. But there is at least one person, Joseph “JT” Lewis, who is not happy about his six-year-old brother’s name being used to strip people of their Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. […]