Everyone Who Supported Kaepernick Just Got SCREWED — It’s Officially Over!

Colin Kaepernick has become infamous for his “protests” during this football season. Taking a knee and refusing to stand for the National Anthem, many lambasted his ignorant sentiments, but others supported his stance — or lack thereof. However, after Kaepernick’s tantrum-filled football season, it’s safe to say those who supported him are now regretting it. In fact, they just got screwed — and it’s officially over! […]

Political Opinion

YOU’RE FIRED! Look What Trump Just Did To ALL Of Obama’s Ambassadors

In an epic move, Donald Trump is beginning the long-awaited process of draining the swamp. The president-elect is starting with all of Barack Obama’s politically appointed ambassadors. According to a report published Thursday night by The Gateway Pundit, a special edict was released by the State Department on December 23, giving the dismissive details of Trump’s order. […]

Cops & Criminals

Obama-Loving Thugs Yell ‘F*** White People,’ Torture Disabled Man ON CAMERA

The most heinous of hate crimes rocked the nation on Wednesday after Chicago police arrested four black youths for allegedly streaming the brutal kidnapping and torture of a young developmentally challenged white youth. In the Facebook Live video, the four black youths are seen smoking marijuana and drinking as they laughed at their hostage who was bound and gagged. […]