Cops & Criminals

Obama-Loving Thugs Yell ‘F*** White People,’ Torture Disabled Man ON CAMERA

The most heinous of hate crimes rocked the nation on Wednesday after Chicago police arrested four black youths for allegedly streaming the brutal kidnapping and torture of a young developmentally challenged white youth. In the Facebook Live video, the four black youths are seen smoking marijuana and drinking as they laughed at their hostage who was bound and gagged. […]

Social Issues

Angry Muslims Leave SICK New Year’s ‘Present’ At Country’s Oldest Church

Horror erupted at a celebration as citizens of a town gathered to ring in the New Year. A mob, described by police as “a large number of young men from North Africa,” assaulted the homeless and began throwing fireworks into crowds of people, which included families with children. Unfortunately, the terrorists were just getting started, and they’d soon leave a sick New Year’s “present” at the oldest church in the country. […]