“It Smells Like My *SS”: Processing Plant Workers Caught On Video In Sick Act With Live Chicken

A shocking video has emerged out of a chicken processing plant where two workers were caught on camera by an undercover investigator in a sickening act with a live chicken. The shocking clip, which shows one worker saying, “It smells like my *ss,” is now going viral as the demand continues to grow for the company, which owns the plant, to answer for this unspeakable cruelty. […]


‘Guilty As Sin,’ Obama’s FBI Director Comey Tries To Save His Own Skin With Huge Admission

A breaking report shows former FBI Director James Comey is trying to save his own skin with a huge admission that is going to leave him completely friendless in the savage landscape of Washington, D.C. Now that Comey knows his only hope of remaining a free man rests at the mercy of President Donald Trump, he’s singing like a canary, and Barack Obama has to be furious, as well as concerned about his own hide. […]

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WATCH: 8 Violent She-Thugs Wreck Pennsylvania Waffle House During Brawl, Get Instant Karma

Shocking video footage has emerged out of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, in which eight violent she-thugs battle it out with utensils, hair pulling, slap fights, and body-slams. The combatants include five family members against three other women who evidently couldn’t resolve their differences in a lady-like manner. Now, these she-thugs are going to pay the price, and rightfully so. […]


Principal Punishes Trump-Loving Teen For Winning School Election, Fed-Up Mom Makes Him Pay

A Trump-hating Florida high school principal is in hot water after what he did to a senior who fairly won the election for class president with an epic Trump-like speech. Unfortunately, the high schooler’s principal decided to make the boy pay for his words. After exercising his liberal agenda and crushing this kid’s right to free speech, the activist principal is about to face some consequences that he never saw coming. […]

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Crazy California Girl Gets Brutal Lesson After Trying To Shoot Cop Boyfriend

Bullets shattered the truck windows of an off-duty California cop’s vehicle as he drove away from his Long Beach home on Wednesday, June 7, 2017. After about eight rounds blasted through the cab, he looked through his broken back window only to see his crazy girlfriend holding a handgun pointed at him with her finger on the trigger, but the situation was about to take a turn for the worse — for her. […]

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WATCH: Transgender Antifa Thug With Man-Bun Gets Brutal Lesson After Punching Wrong Victim

Shocking video footage from a recent Antifa rally, where a peaceful videographer was approached by a “thugly” transgender “woman” with a nasty potty mouth, is hitting social media. After the self-described “woman” was unable to provoke a man into a fight by cursing in his face, the temperamental thug punched him. The transgender individual instantly gets taught a brutal lesson, and rightfully so. […]