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Saggy-Pants Thug Pulls Gun On Fed-Up Detroit Grandpa, Gets Brutal Dose Of Instant Justice

A fed-up Michigan man, who turned 61 years old just this week, was shocked to find a saggy-pants wearing thug sticking a gun in his back in broad daylight when all the grandfather wanted was to stop for a cup of coffee. Now, the Detroit grandpa’s story has gone viral after he confronted the thug and delivered a brutal dose of instant justice that the punk never saw coming. […]

Cops & Criminals

Ohio Man Shocked As ‘Babysitters’ Load 5 Kids Into U-Haul, Then Cops Make 2nd Sick Find

An Ohio man watched in horror as two “babysitters,” who looked beyond creepy, loaded 5 children, including a toddler, into the back of a U-Haul. As they shut the doors and attempted to drive away, the good Samaritan stopped the moving truck and called the police. When the cops arrived, the situation went from bad to worse as they were left shocked by the second sick find that was made when they opened the U-Haul doors to let the children out. […]


After Being Exposed Helping Susan Rice Spy On Trump, H.R. McMaster Preps For Revenge

After recently being exposed by President Donald Trump allies on the National Security Council for helping Barack Obama’s political spy Susan Rice, General H.R. McMaster looks to be cracking under the pressure of self-guilt with news of a huge mistake no one ever thought a man in his position would make. Now, he’s out for revenge, and the political body-count is rising. […]

Cops & Criminals

One Of Obama’s DREAMERS Traps Girl In The Gym, Cops Horrified At What He Tore Off Her Body

A 19-year-old girl was horrified when a strange man stood behind her as she ran on the treadmill in her apartment complex late one night. Sadly, things went from bad to worse as the strange man, an illegal immigrant given DREAMER status by Barack Obama, knocked her out with a kettlebell and viciously raped her. When cops responded to the call for help, they were horrified at what the DREAMER had torn from the victim’s body with his teeth. […]