Photo Surfaces Of Vogue Writer Who Bashed Melania’s Shoes, Viewers Disgusted By 1 Detail

Liberals could not get to their keyboards fast enough yesterday to criticize our First Lady’s shoe choice while she was stepping into Air Force One with President Donald Trump on their way to aid Texas. Liberals will take any opportunity that they can get to attack our first family, but a writer for Vogue magazine took it a step further. However, it’s coming back to bite her as she is leaving viewers disgusted after noticing one huge detail in photos that have recently surfaced of her. […]

Cops & Criminals

Karma Bites Back At Washington Food Stamp Fraudsters Freeloading Off Of Taxpayer Dollars

A pair of store owners in Washington state just got busted big time and are now in for way more than they ever bargained after the feds caught on to their sick back room secret. Both owners have been arrested and are looking at years of epic karma coming their way for their wide scale food stamp fraud they committed as the freeloaders scammed Americans out of hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars. […]

Cops & Criminals

VIDEO: Philly Teacher Screams ‘GUTLESS B*TCH!’ At Cop, Didn’t See Karma Coming For Him

As liberals continue their attempts to destroy historic landmarks across our country, a group of Philadelphia liberals, including one foul mouthed elementary school teacher, gathered to protest near a statue of Frank Rizzo, the city’s former mayor and police commissioner. The teacher decided to launch an attack on a cop, yelling “gutless b*tch” and other profanities while being unaware of the brutal dose of karma that would be coming for him. […]


VIDEO: University Of Nebraska Silences Free Speech, Caught Threatening Conservatives

A video has instantly gone viral after conservative students were threatened by campus staff over their public display of Republican “propaganda.” As liberals continue to have their way on campuses all over American, silencing opposing views, a group of patriots is making sure that the left’s harassment does not go unnoticed when one of the rights protected under the Constitution is jeopardized. […]

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WATCH: Customers Disgusted After What Carl’s Jr Owner Caught On Video Doing With Food

An owner of a Carl’s Jr franchise was caught on video doing the unimaginable, and it is making our stomachs churn.  A video is going viral of the owner preparing food for his customers in the kitchen, making it clear that we have to watch our backs next time we go through a fast food joint. The shocking video is making it hard to trust the people handling our food and is leaving customers rightfully disgusted. […]


Politically Correct Memphis Movie Theater Bans ‘Racist’ Film, Breaking 34-Year Tradition

While political correctness has seemingly taken over our country, a Memphis theater has hopped on the bandwagon. As liberals continue their fight to erase history, they seem to be winning as this Tennessee movie theater bans a “racist” film from being shown, breaking a 34-year tradition. The politically correct theater announced to their hyper-sensitive community the saddening news, and now, conservatives are furious. […]

Cops & Criminals

WATCH: Protesters Defend Dead Thug Who Stabbed Cop, Doesn’t Go As Planned

The LGBT community recently held a candlelight grief session and protest in honor of a thug who was shot and killed by Missouri police officers after stabbing a cop and an innocent man. As the protesters stood around with their candles lit, blocking the roads and chanting hate-filled slogans, things didn’t go as they had planned when one angry driver decided that enough was enough. […]