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‘Transracial’ Liberal Accidentally Destroys Another One Of The Left’s Infamous Arguments

Transgenders have had many reasons to celebrate recently as the left attempts to force society to embrace any and every lifestyle choice, regardless of science or religion. Of course, tolerance isn’t enough as they demand to be not only accepted but celebrated. Sadly, as conservatives have warned, it won’t stop with gender, and one “transracial” liberal is proving just that as he claims to be Filipino. However, he inadvertently destroyed one of the left’s other infamous arguments, and liberals are about to start squirming when they realize what they’ve done. […]


Chuck Schumer Calls President Trump’s Asia Trip A ‘Flop,’ Instantly Made To Regret It

Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer has proved time and time again that he couldn’t care less about America or its people. As President Donald Trump’s trip across Asia came to an end, Schumer couldn’t help but put his unwanted two cents in with his own form of “fake news,” but unfortunately for him, when he called the trip a “flop,” it immediately backfired in epic fashion and the senator was left regretting his words. […]


New York Times Author Hits New Racist Low With SICK Question About ‘White People’

There seems to be a new war on white people that is heavily driven by leftist propaganda. The mainstream media is to blame for spreading this kind of racism, but what’s even worse is most people still refuse to see and acknowledge it. The New York Times has established itself as a divisive news source, and one author just proved it as he hit a new racist low with a sick question about “white people.” […]


Kim Jong-un Slams Trump, President Fires Back With 3 Perfect Words Making Liberals Furious

President Donald Trump is not one to take heat from anyone without directly addressing the issue, so when Kim Jong-un slammed the president, referring to him as an “old lunatic,” there was no way that Trump was going to let it slide without getting one of his classic jabs in there. Trump sent out a tweet not too long after Kim’s insult with three perfect words for the dictator, which are now causing liberal Twitter users to lose their minds. […]


Trump Invites Vietnam Veteran To Speak, What’s Left On President’s Shoulder Stuns Viewers

President Donald Trump is currently in the midst of his twelve-day Asian tour, which has him visiting five different nations. For the fourth leg of his trip, he has touched down in Vietnam, where he delivered a speech in honor of Veterans Day. While giving his speech, Trump asked the veterans if they had anything to say, and when one Vietnam veteran took his turn to speak, what he left on President Trump’s shoulder couldn’t be ignored by stunned viewers. […]


Country Music Fans Livid After Tim McGraw & Faith Hill Offer ‘Solution’ To Mass Shooting

We’re used to idiot Hollywood celebrities preaching about gun control to the rest of us, but what we didn’t see coming was who is begging for it now. The country music community is known to learn right, so when Tim McGraw and Faith Hill offered a “solution” to the mass shootings that have been taking place, they did more than outrage just a few fans. […]


Liberals Hammer Trump Over What He Refused To Do In China, There’s Just 1 Huge Problem

During President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump’s trip across Asia, they have been getting the usual dose of negative press from the liberal mainstream media. It is no surprise that the left is being extra critical of Trump, per usual, but the bias is leaving many Americans furious. Liberals are hammering President Trump over one thing he refused to do while in China, but there is just one huge problem that they failed to mention. […]


Fed-Up Cowboys Owner Has Nasty Surprise For NFL, Roger Goodell’s No Longer Laughing

The national anthem protesting by the overpaid, racist athletes has gained the attention of proud Americans, and not in a good way. Week after week, as the protests continue, fans have shown just how sick they are of watching players “take a knee” as many of them, who once loved the sport, have chosen to turn off the NFL. Tired of watching football fans turn away, thanks to those in the NFL who won’t put a stop to these protests, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has a nasty surprise for the NFL, and Roger Goodell certainly isn’t laughing anymore about the antics he let slide. […]

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After Disgusting Discovery On Democrat’s Computer, Karma Finally Pays Him A Visit

A Pennsylvania Democrat’s dirty little secret came out after he got into a bad situation. The pervert has been hiding a secret for a few years now, and it left police and his community utterly disgusted when they found out. After fellow politicians and the community got wind of what he had done, karma finally paid him a visit, giving him a taste of what he deserves for his depraved act. […]