Trump Invites Chicago Cubs To White House, Pic Shows How Smug Player ‘Repaid’ His Kindness

President Donald Trump invited the Chicago Cubs to the White House after the team won the World Series, and a smug player decided to repay his gratitude in a very disrespectful way. It didn’t take viewers long to notice what was off about the photos taken in the White House. You will not believe what the Cubs outfielder did while posing in the Oval Office with Trump. […]

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Mom Suffers ‘Panic Attack’ Minutes Into Flight, Passengers Shocked By The Next Noise Heard

Thirty-five-year-old Christina Penton was flying from Fort Lauderdale to Dallas when something unexpected started to happen. Just ten minutes into her flight, she alerted attendants that she was experiencing what she thought to be the early stages of a panic attack. However, fellow passengers were shocked by the next noise they would hear minutes later, revealing what had really been going on the entire time. […]