Activist Judges Panicking After Hearing Trump’s Plan For 9th Circuit Court

The activist judges who sit on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals have been a constant thorn in President Donald Trump’s side during his first 100 days in office. Most notably, they halted a temporary travel ban on predominantly Muslim countries from which the majority of the world’s terrorists hail. However, the president has a plan to put an end to this sort of partisan judicial activism, and the judges aren’t going to be happy about it. […]


Rob Schneider Has 7 Words For Schools Against Free Speech, Hollywood Livid

Most celebrities aren’t exactly fond of the First Amendment right to free speech unless it pertains to whatever liberal psychobabble they’re peddling at the moment. However, comedian and actor Rob Schneider feels differently. After learning that UC Berkeley had forced conservative commentator Ann Coulter to cancel her speaking engagement at the school, he had just seven words for the anti-free speech college. […]


Illegal-Loving Judge Blocks Trump’s Order, Learns His Lesson Days Later

With activist judges across the country working furiously to upend Donald Trump’s progress towards making America safe again, Trump found an ingenious way to combat their liberal insolence. He moved to strip funding from sanctuary cities that refuse to comply with federal immigration laws, but a California judge was quick to block his order. However, the illegal-loving judge learned his lesson just days later. You’re going to love this. […]


Jesse Watters Stuns With Sudden Announcement After Ivanka ‘Blow J*b’ Joke

Fox News Channel (FNC) commentator Jesse Watters received a sizable promotion when his longtime mentor, Bill O’Reilly, was let go over sexual harassment allegations last week. Now a full-time co-host on The Five, Watters’ new stint is already off to a rocky start. Following his seemingly inappropriate joke about President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka, he stunned fans with another sudden announcement they didn’t see coming. […]