60 Advertisers DITCH O’Reilly, Bitter Libs FURIOUS Over What Happens Next

Following an investigation by The New York Times, which found that Fox News Channel (FNC) and Bill O’Reilly had paid out a sum totaling $13 million to five separate women who had accused the anchor of sexual harassment, 60 different companies pulled their ads from his nightly show. However, O’Reilly has officially gotten the last laugh. Bitter liberals are furious over what happened in the face of the advertisers’ exodus. […]

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Cops Make GRUESOME Discovery In Piles Of Trash Left By Pipeline Protesters

Thousands of far-left activists joined the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe for nearly a year in North Dakota to protest the construction of an oil pipeline that they claimed would damage the natural ecosystem. However, their concern for the environment was called into question by the heaps of trash they left in their wake. Now, cops have discovered something even more gruesome among their piles of filth. […]


Insider Drops TRUTH BOMB About Syria, Obama’s Day Goes From Bad To Worse

In the wake of last Thursday’s air strike on a Syrian military base being utilized by dictator Bashar al-Assad to distribute deadly chemical weapons, new information has surfaced pertaining to claims made by former President Barack Obama and members of his administration. Now, an insider has dropped a truth bomb about Syria, and Obama’s day has gone from bad to worse. […]


Insider BETRAYS Obama & Hillary, Reveals HUGE Lie They Told American People

It’s no secret that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are habitual liars. If their lips are moving, you can bet that they’re spewing some sort of falsehood. Finally, after years of their shenanigans, a former Obama administration insider has now come forward to reveal a huge lie that the pair told the American people, and this one has had some very real repercussions. […]